Lifted Trucks offers a new online trade-in appraisal tool for customers

MESA, Ariz., Dec. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- It's no small task to buy another car. One of the biggest things to do is figure out what to do with an old car. Most people settle for trading it in at the dealership, but it's not an easy process. How do drivers know how much a car is worth? This question isn't exactly easy to answer because of how much variation there can be between cars.

There are tools like Kelley Blue Book that can help drivers get a range of what their car might be worth, but it isn't very precise. Lifted Trucks Only has its own appraisal tool that can help drivers get a more precise value for a car. It pulls in information about a car and gives an exact number as to what the car or truck is worth. Of course, there are still factors that the appraisal tool doesn't know about. This is why customers are encouraged to reach out to the dealership.

Lifted Trucks Only has a lot of different ways for drivers and customers to reach out and contact the dealership. Customers can reach a member of staff via the dealership's email or social media accounts. Lifted Trucks Only also has a phone number that can be reached at 480-844-7071. The dealership can be located at their address 550 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ, 85210.

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