Onyx CenterSource Expands Solutions with Flexential® Adding More Cloud and Disaster Recovery as a Service

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Flexential, a leading provider of data center colocation and hybrid IT solutions, today announced an expanded cloud and data recovery partnership with Onyx CenterSource, a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry.

Onyx CenterSource began its relationship with Flexential in early 2018, with a combination of colocation and cloud services. That partnership has nearly doubled in the past 18 months, as Flexential's team of experts offered a consultative approach to design the IT Infrastructure strategy to grow and support Onyx CenterSource's entire global footprint, using the Flexential Cloud Solutions. The strategy includes infrastructure in Flexential's data centers, single- and multi-tenant clouds, and multiple connections to hyperscalers, to scale and protect the transactional data of Onyx CenterSource's customers which include more than 150,000 hotel properties and 200,000 travel booking providers worldwide. Onyx CenterSource's U.S. business also uses the Flexential Amsterdam cloud region for its European services.

"At Onyx, we are continually seeking ways to streamline and integrate our systems to improve customers' experience and the value of the services we provide. Flexential's strategy and solutions contribute to this effort," said Mike Brizendine, vice president of IT at Onyx CenterSource. "Flexential has been a strategic partner not only in the areas of cloud strategy, security and compliance, but also in data protection, colocation, and managed and professional service. These areas are critical to keeping our business on track for growth and success not only in the U.S. but across Europe."

As Onyx CenterSource evolves its technology platform strategy, its focus is on consistency and performance at each of its global locations.

"Onyx CenterSource, like many of our customers, needs one secure, unified platform to expand their services while providing improved performance and portability across many platforms," said Jason Carolan, chief innovation officer, Flexential. "Our Professional Services team worked with Onyx to map a strategy to meet their goals cost-effectively and expediently, setting them up for success now and in the future."

Carolan and Brizendine will discuss how the strategic decisions were made to support public and private cloud applications at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference in Las Vegas on December 10. The session titled "Hybrid IT - The High Stakes Balancing Act," begins at 3:45 pm Pacific time. The discussion will show how IT strategy must ensure application and infrastructure performance and portability across ecosystems, a challenging feat in today's environment.

About Flexential
Flexential offers flexible and essential services that help organizations optimize their journey of IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability, compliance and security. The company, co-headquartered in Charlotte and Denver, is committed to building trusted relationships and delivering tailored solutions that suit the individual needs of its customers. Flexential is deeply invested in the success of its customers, who trust it to deliver core data center solutions of colocation and connectivity, as well as, cloud, managed solutions and professional services. Flexential's robust suite of assets spans 21 markets and comprises 40 highly redundant and connectivity-rich data centers. For more information on Flexential, please visit www.flexential.com. Flexential is a registered trademark of the Flexential Corp.

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About Onyx CenterSource
Onyx CenterSource is a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry. The company strives to build long-lasting relationships with its partners and is passionate about providing quality customer service, consultative insight and cost-effective solutions. With a legacy dating to 1992, the company facilitates in excess of $2.1 billion in payments annually, partnering with more than 150,000 hotel properties and 200,000 travel booking providers in 160 countries. In addition to its headquarters in Dallas, Onyx CenterSource has regional hubs in Seville, Spain and Tønsberg, Norway.

Lori Stafford-Thomas
Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Flexential

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