Adds Support for MMS to SMS Conversion in the 4G/LTE SMS Gateway

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Our SMS Gateway allows for the transmission, and receipt, of SMS text messages," said Bob Lueth, President of "Users of our SMS Gateway often reply to their text messages, as a means to acknowledge receipt, or perhaps kick off an automated procedure."

"Over the past months, many of our SMS Gateway users have told us their smart phones are sending simple text messages, using the MMS protocol; normally reserved for sending complex information, such as pictures. We are not certain why this happens, but it probably has to do with the upgrade of networks to 4G/LTE and 5G."

"This causes response issues for our SMS Gateway customers, since the MMS protocol changes a simple text string--such as the word ACK--to a series of hexadecimal values, not recognized by our SMS Gateway."

Implementing MMS to SMS Conversion

To resolve this issue, the SMS Gateway has been updated to process all incoming messages, and determine if 1) the entire message is MMS, and 2) if the MMS message can be translated to its SMS equivalent. Messages meeting these two criteria are converted to SMS, and processed accordingly.

This enhancement eliminates the need for users to adjust the settings of their smartphone, to guarantee transmission utilizing the SMS protocol. They simply send the text message, and the SMS Gateway interprets the incoming data correctly.

Scale to New Technologies, While Utilizing the Same API

The SMS Gateway is used to provide a communication channel that is available, even when the primary Internet service is down. Input to the SMS Gateway is an API, integrated into thousands of applications on a variety of systems and devices. The output communication channel is the transmission of SMS messages using the cellular network of the customers' choice. As new standards are put into place--such as SMS Gateway customers will continue to utilize the same input API; eliminating the need for software upgrades.

Two-way Communication of SMS Messages

The SMS Gateway supports up to 4,096 channels of outbound, and inbound SMS communication. When users reply to messages sent by the SMS Gateway, their response is archived for later review. In addition, the SMS Gateway supports automated, programmatic responses to all replies, in real-time. This capability is often used to verify acknowledgement of the message, or provide updates to help desk and management systems.

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