Defining the Future of Global Digital Economy: ECI Festival Ends Successfully in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The ECI Festival (Ecommerce Innovation Festival, the festival) was held in Shanghai for the first time from December 11-16, 2019.

The ECI Festival is based on innovative projects and case reviews featured at the ECI Awards. Through observation of the development of the industry and trends in innovation, the ECI Festival is a grand industry ceremony that focuses on the integration of global entrepreneurship, creativity, venture capital and innovation.

During the 6-day Innovation Festival, economic experts and industry elites from China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Nepal and other countries and regions took part in four summits:

    --  The International Innovation Trend Summit Forum
    --  The Annual MarTech Capital Meeting
    --  The Annual Brand Value Innovation Ceremony
    --  The 2019 MarTech Industry Venture Capital Report Release Conference

"ECI Innovation Person of The Year Award" Nomination Ceremony

Among the events, the most looked forward to is the prestigious ECI Innovation Person of The Year Award Nomination Ceremony, which commends the leaders and promoters of global technology, art, business and innovators; particularly individuals who have continuously and positively impacted the future progress of human society and cultural development.

Included in the list of winners for 2019 was famous American futurist and economist, Mr George Gilder and Former President of Universal Pictures, Mrs. Donna Smith.

Shanghai Declaration of ECI Global Innovators Released

During the award ceremony, Dr. Owen Jia, Global Initiator of IECIA and Executive Chairman of the ECI Festival, on behalf of 23 co-sponsoring member countries and regions, released the "Shanghai Declaration of ECI Global Innovators." The declaration puts forward "Three Beyond" ideas:

Beyond technology

Innovation should rely on science and technology, but we should not forget the humanistic spirit and the original intention that science and technology ultimately serve human beings.

Beyond business

Innovation needs to realize commercial value, but it should also have a sense of social responsibility that transcends commercial interests and promotes the progress of human civilization.

Beyond borders

Innovation is never limited to one institution, one industry or one country. Only by transcending national boundaries, can we build a community with a shared future for humankind and achieve a better world.

The 2020 ECI Festival is coming to Dubai

The next instalment of the ECI festival is to be held in Dubai during the 2020 Dubai World Expo where it will continue to explore, exchange, display and cooperate with global innovators in the pursuit of an unlimited future.

ECI will practice its mission "Bring innovation to life" and its vision "Change the world with innovation" with every step.

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