Yamaha Adds White Version of Professional DZR/CZR Loudspeakers and Subwoofers to Expand Installation and Placement Flexibility

BUENA PARK, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Yamaha is expanding the installation options for its powered DZR/DXS-XLF and passive CZR/CXS-XLF professional loudspeakers and subwoofers, adding a white finish version for each model.

The white cabinets fit a broader range of sound system requirements, especially in spaces where aesthetics and design are equally important as sound coverage and performance, including churches, museums and upscale environments like high-end retail or hospitality venues.

The speakers and subs were first introduced in mid-2018 and have steadily gained acceptance from system integrators and sound engineers due to their sound quality and Dante network connectivity. The new color choice continues the Yamaha approach of listening and responding to customers' needs.

"We often hear from integrators and even end users that a speaker is the right fit for their facility as far as output, but it's simply the wrong color for their overall look," said Nithin Cherian, product marketing manager, Yamaha Pro Audio. "Now, the choice of black or white finish models allows placement in any type of environment."

The DZR line of powered speakers, along with the DXS-XLF powered subwoofers, use high-performance components and the latest DSP to provide superior audio quality. The digital processing in all powered models is done at 96kHz. This high speed, combined with a newly developed Advanced FIR-X tuning technology, minimizes latency and phase distortion.

The DZR and DXS series are also available with Dante integration. These "D" models incorporate smart system integration with Yamaha consoles and other Dante devices through a 2-in/2-out I/O configuration. Using the speakers' built-in analog I/O and Dante break-IN and break-OUT capabilities enables flexible routing and easier system configuration and set up.

The CZR series of passive speakers are ideal for installations using remote power amplifiers. Adding the companion CXS-XLF subwoofers extends a sound system's bottom end down to 29Hz for bass-heavy applications and, like their powered counterparts, the CZR and CXS-XLF feature best-in-class SPL performance.

When paired with Yamaha PX Series amplifiers or other compatible processors, the loudspeakers take full advantage of dedicated speaker processor tuning settings to produce DZR-quality sound.

Each powered and passive model is housed in a lightweight, durable, 15mm-thick plywood cabinet, coated with military-grade polyurea to withstand the rigors of travel, handling and weather. The cabinets are equipped with plenty of flypoints, suitable for standard eyebolts and specialized U-brackets for flying and hanging installation.

The black finish DZR/DXS-XLF and CZR/CXS-XLF loudspeakers and subwoofers are currently shipping, with the white finish cabinets expected to be available in spring of 2020, with pricing to be announced. Each series includes the following models:


    --  DZR10W
    --  DZR12W
    --  DZR15W
    --  DZR315W
    --  DXS15XLFW
    --  DXS18XLFW

Powered with Dante

    --  DZR10-DW
    --  DZR12-DW
    --  DZR15-DW
    --  DZR315-DW
    --  DXS15XLF-DW
    --  DXS18XLF-DW

Passive Models

    --  CZR10W
    --  CZR12W
    --  CZR15W
    --  CXS15XLFW
    --  CXS18XLFW