Cruise Report: Getting Sick Or Injured Remains Top Concern

WARWICK, R.I., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- InsureMyTrip, the travel insurance authority, announced the results of its annual cruise survey. The new poll of roughly 2,072 U.S. respondents reveals that getting sick or injured before or during a cruise remains the top concern for travelers. Health-related issues also led the majority of travel insurance claims for cruise vacations.


    --  Illness or injury affecting a trip is a top concern for cruisers
    --  Medical issues drive the majority of travel insurance claims
    --  Cruise discounts and itineraries that include more time at a port (less
        at sea) are motivating factors when booking a cruise
    --  The Caribbean, Alaska, and Italy are preferred destinations for cruisers

Getting sick or injured is a top concern
Cruisers are most concerned about an illness or injury affecting a trip followed by bad weather and missing a cruise departure.

43.1% Getting sick or injured before or during a cruise
39.8% Bad weather
17.1% Missing a cruise departure

Getting sick or injured before or during a cruise was also identified as the top concern in last year's survey. Also, roughly one out of four respondents had experienced seasickness during a voyage.

The Caribbean continues to dominate
One in four polled chose the Caribbean (26 percent) as a favorite cruise destination, followed by Alaska (15 percent). Six percent chose Italy as a top place to visit.

Cruisers prefer deals over latest technology
When it comes to cruise news, upcoming deals are the most exciting followed by port-friendly itineraries.

58.1% cruise deals
27.7% more time at port, less at sea
9.9% updated WiFi on ship
4.3% new VIP services for suite guests

Trip cancellations and medical issues top claims
Travelers, who voluntarily participated in this survey, had all researched or purchased travel insurance within the past 24 months. Out of those polled, 19 percent had filed a travel insurance claim for a cruise-related issue. Here were some of the common reasons:

    --  Medical care required during a cruise
    --  A medical issue forced a trip cancellation
    --  Bad weather forced a delay or cancellation of a cruise
    --  Missed flight led to a delay or cancellation of a cruise
    --  Items were stolen or lost during a trip

More familiarity with travel insurance benefits for cruisers
Seventy-percent polled said they were already aware that InsureMyTrip offers travel insurance plans specifically for cruisers.

Cruisers can now choose comprehensive travel insurance plans that include cruise-specific inconvenience benefits. These benefits aim to address travel inconveniences most commonly experienced by cruisers, for example:

Shipboard service disruptions -- when a fire, mechanical breakdown, or virus disrupts a cruise.

Port of call change -- when a cruise line changes an itinerary prior to departure due to weather or other circumstances and you elect to embark on the voyage.

In addition comprehensive travel insurance provides a variety of benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, 24/7 emergency assistance, travel delay, and baggage protection.

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