Revolutionary Footwear: The ArchTek® Patented Arch Support Sock Combines Innovative Technology and Material to Support the Arch Without Compromising Style

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Created by a leading foot and ankle surgeon seeking to bring revolutionary technology to the footwear industry, ArchTek, (, has introduced the ArchTek® arch support sock, an innovative and revolutionary sock system featuring built-in insoles, made from a five-layer sock material, that supports the foot without sacrificing style or quality.

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans have suffered from foot pain and were likely to have pain in other parts of their body because of it, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. ArchTek was developed so that consumers would not have to choose between style or comfort and instead combined them in an affordable and fashion-forward sock. ArchTek is footwear featuring patented technology that is a complete overhaul of the traditional dress sock.

It was during a vacation when Dr. Bob Baravarian, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon with more than 20 years' experience and an assistant clinical professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, came up with the idea of the ArchTek sock support system. Dr. Bob had experienced foot pain throughout the trip and wondered if there was a better and more economical way than wearing special shoes or insoles to prevent it.

Dr. Bob teamed up with company co-founder Eddie Kohan, who added key expertise in logistics and product design in their development of the company's ideal sock.

"The idea is simple. We took sock design which is dated or non-existent and re-engineered every aspect to make the sock better for the foot and leg. We want the best socks on your feet that offer comfort and prevent foot pain," Kohan said.

Benefits of ArchTek include:

    --  Attractive Design: ArchTek socks are made of premium quality materials
        and designed to be stylish everyday socks, with patented arch support
        built into the sock material to reduce the extra space needed from
        insoles and arch supports in the shoe. ArchTek comes in 12 fashionable
        dress socks and four reinforced athletic socks.
    --  Physical Improvement: ArchTek has completely revamped the sock. Patented
        built-in arch support, a Y-strap energy return system to reduce tension
        on the top of the foot, antimicrobial material to reduce odor, the
        elimination of irritating seams, and the addition of leg compression
        make ArchTek unique.
    --  Technology: The heart of the ArchTek sock is the patented five-layer
        dynamic arch support system that has been shown to support the arch
        without weakening it as most insoles do. The arch is held in a way that
        adds structure and support but also trains the brain and leg muscles to
        control the arch, reducing foot and leg fatigue.
    --  Affordable: ArchTek socks save costs on expensive, short-lived dress
        socks that don't come with built-in, quality arch support and take the
        place of costly and ill-fitting insoles.

ArchTek has launched a Kickstarter campaign, (, to spread awareness about their affordable and revolutionary arch support sock. ArchTek will have a retail price ranging from $20-$25 but are available for a special discount price of $15 on Kickstarter.


ArchTek's mission is rooted in a focus on improving peoples' lives starting with their feet and ankles.

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