MarijuanaBreak Releases Long-awaited List of the Best CBD Oils for 2020

NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- While the CBD industry continues to grow in accordance with most analyst predictions, large gaps in product quality still exist among the hundreds of CBD brands on the market. Many agree that this looming discrepancy in quality comes down to a simple lack of regulation.

For consumers, this has translated into frustration in terms of finding well-made, reliable CBD oils that actually work. With such little regulatory oversight in place to define product quality, several trusted and well-established cannabis media outlets have taken to publishing their own up-to-date reviews of the market's best products.

"It's still a bit of a mess out there in terms of quality," says MarijuanaBreak senior editor Nicole Richter. "CBD works, and it's a wonderful option for so many individuals. But without a professional, well-made product with properly extracted phytochemicals, most folks will never experience the compound's full benefits."

Among the various criteria the MarijuanaBreak team used to define and establish product quality, lab testing and hemp sourcing ranked as some of the most important.

"Manufacturing in the USA is not cheap," Richter says, "but what we're seeing is that CBD products made here in the U.S. are of a much higher quality than imported products. And this goes for the hemp plants as well; US-grown hemp is some of the purest and highest-quality in the world."

In addition to prioritizing the use of American-grown hemp, MarijuanaBreak also emphasized the importance of lab testing; which Richter says is the only way for consumers to know for sure what's in their CBD oil.

The following brands highlighted MarijuanaBreak's selections for the highest-quality CBD oils for 2020:

    1. Pure Kana
    2. Premium Jane
    3. Fab CBD
    4. CBD Pure
    5. Hemp Bombs
    6. Charlotte's Web
    7. CBDistillery
    8. Joy Organics
    9. CBD Essence
    10. Elixinol

"We tested and reviewed a lot of products -- a lot," Richter exclaims. "After months and months of testing, these were the brands - particularly the top two or three - that stood out the most in terms of quality and purity."

In addition to providing professional reviews for consumers, MarijuanaBreak also offers medically-reviewed articles, guides, and other media resources on the use of cannabis and CBD. You can find the full-length published CBD oil review at

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