Two Bears Farm Affirms Hemp Cannabinoid and Terpene Studies - Stress and Anxiety Can Put Even More Strain Upon Our Immune Systems

PHOENIX, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Two Bears Farm ( recently affirmed studies using high-CBD smokable products in the treatment of chronic anxiety. Our stress-response has devastating effects on our bodies' immune systems' ability to ward off illness. Founded by USMC veteran Sara Sheeler, Two Bears Farm curates premium, hand-cultivated and cured hemp with very high terpene and cannabinoid levels (including CBD) that is ?-compliant (<= 0.3% THC). In fact, their 1.1 gram, Chill and Wellness, preroll pricing for veterans & first responders is now available to college students, health providers and public through April 20.

Smokable Hemp: The Benefits of Cannabinoids and Terpenes on Stress, Anxiety and Sleep

The 2018 study performed by Washington State University is the first of its kind in the U.S.. It specifically mentions high-concentration cannabinoid use and its immediate beneficial effects: "For example, the WSU research team found one puff of cannabis high in CBD and low in THC was optimal for reducing symptoms of depression; two puffs was sufficient to reduce symptoms of anxiety; while 10 or more puffs produced the largest reductions in stress."

Clearly, the fight-or-flight response and its overall effects on the immune system are already well studied. And coupled with other recent research related to full spectrum CBD oil used to treat anxiety-heavy disorders like PTSD, the body of evidence is rapidly growing in support of medicinal hemp as a safe alternative for everyday stresses that contribute to the body's inability to ward off disease. Finally, terpenes are a wide variety of natural aromatic substances found in flowering plants that are also currently being tested in the treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, infections and much more.

Durango, CO-based Two Bears Farm is known for its 100% smokable hemp pre-rolls with rare terpene levels of up to 6%. They offer handmade 75% hemp/25% herbal for unique terpene-rich blends. They include Lavender: Just before bedtime or a break, it's perfect for relaxation, headaches and insomnia. White Sage: A purifying and calming smoke that improves mood and boosts memory as it protects and heals. Peppermint: The terpene menthol gives its iconic smell that relaxes nerves, improves blood circulation and clears airways to ease overall breathing.

"I'm a cancer survivor and a 'stress eater' - so I totally understand anxiety," said Sara. "Most States are on lockdown with millions sheltering in place. Many are losing their incomes as well as coping with isolation. It's easy to see why people are experiencing more stress instead of less. That's not a recipe for immunity to the virus. There's significant proof (New York and California classifying 1,000s of dispensaries as essential) showing cannabinoids and terpenes promotes patient well-being. Two Bears is doing its part to help each of us embrace wellness."

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Two Bears Farm grows high-CBD, low-THC (under 0.3%) hemp for medicinal purposes. Our seeds come from Colorado growers, so we know the strains we plant are acclimated to Southwest Colorado. And since we only grow and create what we would use for our own company, all of the hemp is organically grown. Our soil is the foundation of our farm, and we treat it with the respect it deserves, using mycorrhiza, manure tea, beneficial insects and natural soil amendments only. We never use pesticides, herbicides or artificial chemicals. Learn more about our process and our products at:

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