Beat The Bomb Levels Up for 2020, Establishing The Future of Immersive Gaming

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Beat The Bomb (, the first-of-its-kind, immersive social gaming company, based in Brooklyn, New York, has now firmly established itself as a must-watch brand in the experiential entertainment industry with the launch of a 2nd set of games, the expansion of its flagship NYC location, and the announcement that it is expanding in 2020 to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

"Beat The Bomb is reimagining the intersection of technology and human social connection," said Beat The Bomb founder Alexander Patterson, the former Chief Marketing Officer of obstacle-event series Tough Mudder. "Technology can be very isolating. Our goal is to use it to bring people together."

During the 1-hour experience, players suit up in hazmat gear and progress through 4 hi-tech game rooms, to earn time on their "Bomb Clock" in the 5th and final room, The Bomb Room. Technology in the game rooms includes motion sensors, touch screens, RFID readers, lasers, and camera vision; all games are developed on the industry-standard Unity platform.

Taking inspiration from Escape Rooms, 80s arcade games, and 90s TV game shows, players in the 5th room must work together to 'disarm' the Paint Bomb before their time runs out. Failure results in the bomb exploding with neon paint, turning the team into a glowing Jackson Pollock painting, all captured on video and sent automatically to players via the company's proprietary #PhotoBomb system.

Since opening its doors 2 years ago, Beat The Bomb has hosted 100,000 players from all over New York, the U.S. and the world, including hundreds of corporate team outings, school groups, and non-profit organizations. For Patterson, "Beat The Bomb is taking eSports to the next level, getting players up and out of their chairs and into the XBOX of immersive gaming, a multi-room game system that is endlessly reprogrammable, and which tests team communication, coordination, intelligence, and decision-making in real-time. We've created a fun, colorful experience that builds relationships, improves social connections, and creates lasting and shareable memories, and in which all players Have A Blast." The quality of the experience speaks for itself with the Brooklyn location consistently garnering high customer reviews.

Entering 2020, the Beat The Bomb team has Leveled Up, adding a 2nd set of games for its system. As part of Mission 02: Block Monster, players will confront Sequencer, a numbers-game, Crypto Laser, a game to unlock a Laser Maze, Mad Dash, a reaction-time game, and Low Battery, a memory-based movement game, before taking on the Mission's namesake game Block Monster in the Bomb Room, a video game where the team must smash balls against 10 intimidating block formations to literally crack the code and shut off the Paint Bomb.

Team v Team Mode, a head to head competition mode for groups of 8 or more, where the winning team gets to blast the losing team, will launch in March for corporate teams, and Pro Level, starting this spring will launch for adults and kids (13 and under) who Beat The Bomb, which less than 10% of teams are able to do. Perks such as access to tournament play, discounts, sneak peeks on new games and the ability to play more challenging levels with bigger rewards will be offered to those who Beat The Bomb.

In addition to new games, the company has expanded its Brooklyn flagship to include a brand-new 1,800 sq. ft lobby with food & beverage offerings. The lobby will have screens streaming live-video feeds from inside the bomb room, with photo opportunities and testing facilities to try out new games. The company has also announced its next two U.S. locations: Philadelphia, coming July 2020 and Washington, D.C., set to open this winter.

For media opportunities, contact Evy Gonzales at or 917-554-5063.

BEAT THE BOMB is the world's first immersive social video game company. This multi-player live gaming challenge is located in the heart of Dumbo, Brooklyn and uses an innovative digital, interactive game system to reimagine the entertainment & education spaces and the intersection of technology and human social connection. Beat The Bomb offers a full range of special event services including School Camps, Kid and Adult Birthday parties, Corporate Tournaments, and Bachelorette parties. Beat The Bomb is expanding across the country in 2020. Visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook @beatthebomb.

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