Croatian Game Developer Joins Playrix

MOSCOW, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Playrix has announced a new subsidiary. The Croatian game developer Cateia Games is joining Playrix Croatia in its new office in Zagreb. This is the second European studio to join Playrix. Cateia's team of nearly 40 professionals has already started developing a new and as yet unannounced free-to-play mobile game.

"Becoming part of the Playrix family is a great honor for Cateia Games. We are one of the oldest studios in Croatia, so this is the start of a new and exciting era for our team as well as a great opportunity for the local gaming scene to grow and prosper. With Playrix fueling our engines, we're confidently pursuing our next big win. With our new name, Playrix Croatia, the sky's the limit," said Dejan Radic, co-founder of Cateia Games.

"The talent of the Cateia Games team combined with our resources and expertise gives Playrix Croatia significant opportunities to create a new mobile hit for millions of players around the world," said Dmitry Bukhman, co-founder of Playrix.

About Cateia Games
Based in Zagreb, Croatia, Cateia Games is the game studio behind Mary Le Chef: Cooking Passion, The Man with the Ivory Cane, and other popular mobile, Mac, and PC titles.

About Playrix
Playrix is one of the top 5 mobile game publishers in the world. The total MAU of their existing titles exceeds 150 million.

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