Instana Completes Another Successful Year of Growth in Microservice Application Monitoring

CHICAGO, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Instana, the leading provider of automatic application performance monitoring(APM) solutions for microservice and cloud-native applications, today announced exponential growth during their 2020 fiscal year, which included several substantial corporate milestones and achievements.

During the just-completed fiscal year, Instana has experienced continued growth in key leading indicator business areas:

    --  ARR increase of 175% year over year
    --  Total customer increase of 150% year over year
    --  Employee Growth of 45% and 4 new office openings

"The past year has been incredibly special for Instana, as we achieved significant growth in sales, employees and customers, coupled with three acquisitions, new office openings and a spate of significant product enhancements,," said Mirko Novakovic, co-founder and CEO at Instana. "In the year ahead, we'll look to build on that momentum, continue our accelerated technology innovation, and change the way organizations think about optimizing application performance to drive tangible business outcomes."

Instana was founded in 2015 with a mission of helping organizations build better software faster by automating the entire process of the application performance monitoring (or APM) lifecycle. Over the past five years, the company has experienced consistent, incremental growth, emerging from industry upstart to one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the segment.

As business applications continue to shift into microservice architectures and adopt more agile processes, traditional legacy APM solutions struggle to keep up with the pace of deployment. Instana's automated approach and real-time monitoring and change detection are perfect for the agile application delivery team.

Instana added several major unique capabilities to their automated Application Performance Management(APM) solution during the year. They extended their leadership in the Kubernetes monitoring arena by adding support for applications running on Rancher, containerD, CRI-O and Pivotal Container Service (PCS), previously known as PKS. The Pivotal announcement was especially interesting given that Instana released a single Pivotal Platform Tile that managed BOTH the Container Service as well as CloudFoundry applications.

Monitoring and tracing support was also added for .NET Core, GraphQL queries, NGINX, Envoy and Jenkins. The Jenkins capabilities made Instana the first solution that not only monitored the output of a Jenkins build, but the build technology, too - an important new function for DevOps engineers managing their CICD pipeline. Another capability for DevOps came in the form of integration with Log analytics tools Splunk and Humio.

The most powerful product announcement for DevOps and CI/CD pipeline owners was the release of Instana's Pipeline Feedback capability. Leveraging Instana's one-second metric granularity and real-time change detection, Pipeline Feedback provides immediate feedback on any update to the system (such as an updated service or a new piece of infrastructure) so that the application stakeholders can take any corrective action - like a rollback - before there is a significant negative impact on end users.

Instana also made strategic technology acquisitions from companies BeeInstant, StackImpact and Signify. Recently, the company announced the first integrated solution from Instana and StackImpact, Instana AutoProfile(TM), the industry's first Always-On continuous production profiler for Java Applications. AutoProfile captures a profile on every running process all the time.
Continued Market Traction

Throughout 2019, the combination of synergistic market forces and the company's stellar organizational execution resulted in the retention of existing clients, as well as the acquisition of new customers. In 2019 Instana added several new customers, including mobile health App provider Vivy, MacMillan Learning, TIpico, ExaVault and Avoris.

Through their work with a continually increasing customer base, Instana is monitoring a significant number of application environments and technologies, including:

    --  Over half a million Container and Program run-time processes, including
        hosts, containers, Java Virtual Machines, NodeJS run-times, PHP and Ruby
    --  25,000+ AWS Lambda functions
    --  25 million metrics / second are being gathered (1.5B per minute)
    --  1,000,000+ application request traces are being captured every second

To help reach their target markets, the company has built a world-class ecosystem of more than 80 resellers and key strategic cloud platform provider, DevOps and microservice technology partners. Specifically, Instana launched the company's automated APM solution into the Amazon AWS Marketplace, while participating in joint webinar programs with Red Hat OpenShift, Grafana, Humio and GiantSwarm. Other key technology partners such as Google Cloud, Pivotal and Rancher also help maintain Instana's technical leadership in the Cloud and Kubernetes monitoring space.

As the company continues to grow its customer base and ARR, Instana continues to build its workforce, growing by 45% in the last year. That growth has led to the company opening official offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, Berlin, Sydney, Research Triangle Park, NC and Novi Sad, Serbia over the last 18 months. While employee growth has been spread across all departments, the engineering and sales organizations have had the most growth. You can learn more about Instana and their automated Application Performance Monitoring solutions at


Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains "forward-looking" statements, including but not limited to the intention of Instana to bring the acquired technologies to market and the potential benefits to customers of the acquired technologies as well as any benefits of the purchase and integration of the acquired technologies by and into Instana's product suite, which timing remains at the sole discretion of Instana. The achievement or success of the matters covered by such forward-looking statements are based on Instana's current assumptions, expectations, and beliefs and are subject to substantial risks, uncertainties, assumptions, and changes in circumstances that may cause Instana's actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied in any forward-looking statement.

As the leading provider of Automatic Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions for microservices, Instana has developed the automatic monitoring and AI-based analysis DevOps needs to manage the performance of modern applications. Instana is the only APM solution that automatically discovers, maps and visualizes microservice applications without continuous additional engineering. Customers using Instana achieve operational excellence and deliver better software faster. Visit to learn more.

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