Former FBI Special Agent Mary N. Chaney Joins Chargeback Gurus Cybersecurity Team

MCKINNEY, Texas, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Cyber-crime is an increasingly harmful problem in the payments industry, and inadequately protected businesses stand to lose millions of dollars--according to a survey by the insurance company Allianz, more than seven out of ten customers would stop doing business with a company that suffered a major data breach.

In their work with enterprise clients, Chargeback Gurus recognized a need to provide more advice and consultation on cybersecurity issues, to function as a one-stop solution for any payments-related pain points their clients might have--including payment data security. By bringing Ms. Chaney on board, they're adding her considerable expertise, 25 plus years of hands-on experience, and extensive legal background to an already capable and experienced cybersecurity team.

There are very few players in the cybersecurity industry with the in-depth knowledge and field experience to provide direct advice on strengthening data security against the latest and most advanced cyber attacks. Ms. Chaney will be providing Chargeback Gurus and their clients direction on protecting data processes, securing systems, and establishing policies to prevent and lessen the impact of cyber attacks at every level of the organization.

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