MediStreams Medical Lockbox Grows in Popularity

ROSWELL, Ga., Feb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- MediStreams, a leader in the RCM market, offers full end-to-end payment processing services that reduce manual, time-consuming, error prone tasks for healthcare billing facilities. The MediStreams' proprietary and innovative platform offers customized integration into the provider's A/R workflow. All services revolve around healthcare remittances and correspondence; from receipt, deposit, capture, posting, and reconciling. National health systems, hospitals, clinics, labs, and physicians' groups turn to MediStreams for help.

Automated remittance services, coupled with Medical Lockbox, continue to grow in popularity. Medical Lockbox is a unique service for healthcare. On the surface, lockboxes appear the same; but they are not. The key to correct data for posting is in the preparation for processing and the advanced technology used to capture correct, complete data every time. The Medical Lockbox service supplies a seamless, transparent flow of remittances from payers and patients to the diversified remittance automation services provided by MediStreams.

Medical Lockbox is a critical first step. Payers route all provider payments to a PO Box specific for each provider. A single lockbox can accept all remittances including patient and miscellaneous payments, credit card transactions and correspondence. Healthcare lockbox specialists process all mail. They open, sort, prep, and scan all payments received paying close attention to detail and quality. There is no need to change the provider's financial institution. A deposit occurs daily to the provider's bank of choice.

The advantages are clear. A Medical Lockbox eliminates the manual, time-consuming, and error prone process while reducing errors downstream. Collection of payments through a lockbox provides both greater security and faster access to funds. Manual tasks of opening, sorting and daily trips to the bank are gone; giving back valuable time for staff to focus on an overall better patient experience.

Healthcare payment processing is complex. MediStreams works with their clients to define and address their unique set of billing challenges. No two are alike. They integrate with all major practice management and patient accounting systems, each with a unique set of business rules. The online Configuration Engine allows MediStreams to create custom output formats and split posting files using an online portal.

MediStreams is shaping the future for healthcare billing with innovative solutions. Cloud based. Easy to use. Secure and compliant, and highly customizable.

About MediStreams
MediStreams, LLC, supplies outsourced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services for healthcare billing entities. The services address automation for all payments and more: Medical Lockbox, Correspondence Workflow, ERA Normalization, Paper EOB Conversion, Patient Payments, Credit Card Processing, and Financial Reconciliation. For more information, visit or call 866-836-2835.

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