Antelope Water Management Completes KMX Membrane Technologies Asset Acquisition

AUSTIN, Texas, March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Antelope Water Management, LLC ("Antelope") announces the close of its asset acquisition of KMX Membrane Technologies Corp., a leading membrane distillation technology provider for the water, waste, and environmental remediation industries. As part of the transaction, Antelope has created a new operating company called KMX Technologies, LLC ("KMX").

With this acquisition, Antelope has diversified its technical capabilities to address critical needs in mining, environmental services, industrial and agricultural waste treatment. The transaction also enhances Antelope's capabilities in the oil & gas industry as it relates to produced water recycling and beneficial reuse.

Dustin Brownlow, Antelope CEO and KMX Board Member said, "One of Antelope's core values is building a company that supports sustainable development. We believe that aligning capital investment with those values is critical. This acquisition brings us one step closer to leading in beneficial reuse, mining and environmental remediation."

Bruce Lev, Managing Director of Loeb Partners, Chairman of KMX Membrane Technologies, Corp., and Board Observer to KMX Technologies, LLC said, "KMX is well positioned to benefit from the growing demand for wastewater treatment, environmental remediation, and from increased interest in sustainable mineral extraction as part of the energy transition." Mr. Lev continued, "Antelope provides KMX with a channel partner to deploy and scale this impactful technology."

KMX's underlying hollow-fiber vacuum membrane distillation technology has been distinguished through several industry awards, government grants, and academic partnerships.

Morris Hoagland, P.E., Antelope Advisory Board Member said, "Membrane distillation is one of the most promising technologies being developed for treating highly saline and contaminated waters for beneficial reuse." Mr. Hoagland continued, "This technology is well suited for fabrication into modular packages for remote operations."

Christopher Kelley, Antelope COO and KMX Board Member said, "The rising costs of water, wastewater disposal, and resource constraints are driving industrial users to seek more efficient and sustainable water management practices in the extractive industries. Antelope believes KMX technology provides a path to reducing constraints and moving the industry towards sustainable development."

Beyond treating challenging industrial waste streams to high standards, KMX has the potential to recover high-value by-products including Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and lithium from abandoned coal mines, acid mine drainage, power plant slurry ponds, and oil & gas produced water.

Zachary Sadow, Antelope CFO and KMX Board Member said, "The economic and environmental benefits of extracting Rare Earth Elements and lithium from mining and oil & gas waste streams provide an opportunity for the extractive industries to participate in the energy transition, and a way for governments and industry to diversify revenue streams and capitalize on growing demand for these minerals."

Antelope was represented by Buhler Duggal & Henry LLP, and Elias Group LLP. KMX Membrane Technologies, Corp. was represented in the US by Stroock & Stroock & Lavan and in Canada by Robert N. Spiegel Law Professional Corporation.

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About KMX Technologies, LLC
KMX Technologies, LLC is a Vacuum Membrane Distillation technology provider. Our technology and processes were developed to address the world's toughest industrial water treatment challenges. Utilizing a low temperature thermal process and a low pressure operating system gives KMX an energy efficient design allowing us to deploy cost saving solutions to the mining, environmental remediation, industrial, oil & gas, agricultural, and water markets.

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