Oral Surgeons at JawFixers Provide a Solution to Jawbone Loss with Bone Grafting in Manchester, CT

MANCHESTER, Conn., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Patients who are not qualified for dental implants due to bone loss in Manchester, CT can receive bone grafting solutions to improve their candidacy from the oral surgery practice, JawFixers. Drs. Joel Rosenlicht and Ryaz Ansari offer modern techniques and solutions that improve the healing and success rate of bone grafting, making dental implants a possibility for those with even extreme bone loss. As trained and experienced oral surgeons, the doctors have an increased understanding of the bone, tissues, and structure of the mouth, which allows them to place implants with improved success.

"We use a molecular technology called PRGF, which is plasma rich growth factors. And what that does is allow us to spin the patient's blood to distill out growth factors that we can then apply to the surgical site to help the body regenerate the bone in that area," says Dr. Ansari.

Bone grafting is a technique used by oral surgeons to help patients restore and regenerate lost bone. The process typically involves placing bone graft material, composed of bone granules, at the site of bone loss and allowing the graft time to fuse to existing bone and integrate with the body. JawFixers offers a variety of bone grafting solutions, depending on patient needs, including ridge augmentation, socket preservation, and sinus lifts.

JawFixers also specializes in advanced solutions to bone grafting by offering healing techniques and minimally invasive approaches. When performing a bone graft in the upper jaw near the sinus cavity, also known as a sinus lift, the doctors utilize PIEZOSURGERY®, an ultrasonic tool that gently cuts bone and does not harm the sensitive soft tissues of the sinus membrane. Additionally, to improve the healing time and ensure more successful bone grafts, the practice can use biological healing through plasma rich growth factors (PRGF), bone morphogenic protein (BMP) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR). These techniques give patients improved results and allow them to qualify for dental implants sooner.

JawFixers offers cutting-edge oral surgery for patients in need of life-changing dental and facial care. The practice specializes in placing individual dental implants as well as full mouth dental implants, oral and facial reconstruction, tooth extractions, oral pathology and more. The practice features state-of-the-art technology, including digital imaging and dental lasers. Patients can also feel at ease when receiving their care due to Drs. Rosenlicht and Ansari's investment and experience in sedation dentistry. These oral surgeons are certified to provide IV sedation during care to prevent feelings of discomfort or anxiety, and the practice is also committed to opioid-free pain management.

Those in need of bone grafting in Manchester, CT or surrounding areas are encouraged to contact JawFixers to set up an appointment. Consultations can be made by calling 860-649-2272 for their Manchester, CT office, 860-232-4606 for their West Hartford location or by visiting http://www.jawfixers.com.

About the Oral Surgeons

The board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons at JawFixers are skilled specialists offering leading-edge and minimally invasive care at their two practice locations in Manchester, CT and West Hartford, CT. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Joel Rosenlicht is an esteemed author and lecturer and has developed techniques to further his field. Dr. Ryaz Ansari brings a passion for technology and oral surgery with extensive experience in implant therapy and dentoalveolar surgery. Using advanced imaging, Yomi® robotic-assisted technology and EXPAREL® for opioid-free pain management, this team strives to provide the best care and experience possible for their patients. To learn more about this practice, Drs. Rosenlicht and Ansari or their services, visit http://www.jawfixers.com or call 860-649-2272 for their Manchester, CT office or 860-232-4606 for their West Hartford, CT practice.

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