Oral Surgeon in Fargo, ND, Dr. Michael Noffze, Lectures with Straumann® on Immediate Load Dental Implants

FARGO, N.D., May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Respected oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Noffze, spoke at an event for Straumann®, a leading dental implant manufacturer, in Rapid City, SD. His lecture was on immediate load implants with provisionalization, including individual teeth to full mouth dental implants. Dr. Noffze offers modern tooth replacement solutions with dental implants in Fargo, ND where his state-of-the-art practice, The Facial and Oral Surgery Center, is located.

"One of the greatest things we are able to do is provide your implant, as well as a temporary tooth on that implant in one visit. We can do single teeth, multiple teeth, and an entire arch of teeth all in one visit and in one office," says Dr. Noffze. "We do this routinely for anywhere from one to all the teeth in your mouth and use leading technology to make sure it all goes smoothly."

Straumann provides some of the world's top-quality dental implant pieces. The company works closely with Dr. Noffze to educate both the public and other dental professionals on the benefits of implants and how it is possible to replace missing or failing teeth completely in just one appointment. A dental implant mimics the function of natural teeth, including the root and crown. This allows patients to experience the closest thing to a real smile again, and allows them to eat, chew, speak, and smile with confidence. Additional benefits of dental implants, including immediate load implants, include:

    --  Natural look, feel, and function
    --  Enhanced self-confidence
    --  Permanent with proper care
    --  Virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth
    --  Can be completed in just one appointment

With Dr. Noffze's skill and experience as an oral surgeon, he is able to offer patients an advanced approach to replacing their failing or missing teeth. By offering same-day immediate load dental implants, patients can go in for surgery and leave having had a failing tooth extracted, bone grafting completed, an implant placed, and a temporary tooth placed all in one day. This approach means that patients never have to go another day with a missing tooth.

Dr. Noffze is able to offer this modern solution due to his commitment to advanced technology. By taking 3D scans of the mouth and jaw before surgery, Dr. Noffze can create digital and physical dental implant guides that make the surgery process quicker, safer, and more predictable.

Patients can get same-day immediate load dental implants from Dr. Noffze for any number of teeth. Individual missing teeth can be replaced on a one for one basis, or multiple teeth can be replaced using an implant supported bridge. For those patients missing all their teeth, Dr. Noffze can even provide entire arches of new teeth that only require four to six implants. All of these options can be performed in just one appointment and in-house at Dr. Noffze's Fargo, ND practice.

Those interested in learning more about dental implants in Fargo, ND or who want to schedule a consultation to begin the process are invited to reach out to this skilled Fargo, ND oral surgeon. The practice can be reached by calling 701-232-9565 or visiting the website at http://www.tfaosc.com.

About the Oral Surgeon

The Facial and Oral Surgery Center is a leading oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in Fargo, ND. Dr. Michael Noffze is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who received his medical degree and certificate in preliminary general surgery from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Noffze is the director of one of the largest dental study clubs in the United States, was recognized by Cambridge Who's Who as the 2010 Professional of the Year for Dental Surgery, and continually speaks internationally on the topic of dental implants. Dr. Noffze is specially trained to treat medically compromised patients and his advanced and unique digital workflow streamlines complex dental implant cases. To learn more about The Facial and Oral Surgery Center and the advanced services that Dr. Noffze provides, call 701-232-9565 or visit the website at http://www.tfaosc.com.

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