Industrial Paperboard Manufacturer Dura-Fibre Earns U.S. Patent for Crate Hinge

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Dura-Fibre, a Menasha-based laminated paperboard manufacturer, a patent for its “Foldable Crate System.” Patent 10,543,949 covers the unique paperboard fold which creates a 90-degree corner, improving the seal and reducing excess packaging.

DuraCrate industrial shipping crates, are constructed of six layers of recycled or kraft paper, laminated into rigid paperboard. The Foldable Crate System features two 45-degree bends, creating stronger crate corners for more protection. In shipping, DuraCrate protects against puncture, weather and shipping damage.

"The hinge technology on our crates is unique,” said Luke Benrud, President, Dura-Fibre. “The industry standards for slitting and folding creates excess weight and packaging material. Our hinge provides for a more accurate fold and stronger crate."

The patented hinge’s unique groove uses less material than competing products, which reduces crate weight and lowers crate and shipping costs. DuraCrate industrial shipping crates are used in a range of industries, including vehicle and truck parts, cylinders, window shades and blinds, RV parts, piping and tubing and more.

DuraCrate industrial shipping crates are available in a range of sizes and can be manufactured to ship products up to 35 feet long.

About Dura-Fibre

For more than 85 years, Dura-Fibre has combined its skill and unique manufacturing capabilities to provide custom packaging solutions for customers. Dura-Fibre creates laminated paperboard solutions used in a wide variety of functional performance and packaging applications including industrial crates, slip sheets, industrial totes, folding carton packaging, furniture components and custom paperboard products 125,000-square-foot facility in Menasha, Wisconsin. Learn more at