Results from a Preliminary Hair Regrowth Case Study Using Vero Naturals CBD Beat Propecia® and Rivals Rogaine®

SAN DIEGO, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A preliminary case study conducted by Dr. Gregory Smith, former army medic and leading CBD expert, showed promising results regarding a topical ointment containing Vero Naturals' new Nano Green CBD Liposomes with enhanced bioavailability. As part of Dr. Smith's research, 36 adults consisting of 28 men and seven women with hormonal-type balding, the application of Green CBD (GCBD) resulted in an average increase of 93.5 percent hair regrowth following six months of treatment.

All 36 participants applied a topical ointment to the balding area on a daily basis, which contained very fine Nano particles of the hemp plant infused into a combination of emu oil and lanolin, and 10.8 percent of Green CBD, aptly named for its unusual green color. The preliminary study results are not necessarily replicable in the general population, but the results of the study have prompted an increasing interest in the use and application of Vero Naturals' new Green CBD Liposomes. As a result of this promising research, Dr. Smith plans to conduct a larger human clinical trial this spring that will study the efficacy of Vero Naturals' new Nano Green CBD Liposomes with enhanced bioavailability.

"These results* are quite astonishing," said Dr. Smith. "In fact, they demonstrate better hair regrowth statistics than Propecia® and even rival that of Rogaine®. We used the unusual Green CBD in an attempt to harness the Entourage Effect of the hemp plant and give us the best chance of success, but we were very surprised at just how well it actually worked."

The company that makes this first-of-its-kind Green CBD is Vero Naturals, a company that is positioned to be the leader in the Business to Business (B2B) ingredient supplier market.

"Vero Naturals' Green CBD is very different than anything on the market because we do not extract or strip mine the plant like CO2 and other chemical processors, which result in a yellowish, brownish or white colored product that is void of much of its goodness. Vero Naturals' Green CBD is the actual whole plant reduced to Nano sized particles without the stripping effect of extraction processes. Through this process, we are able to capture all of the hemp plant's essence and nutrition," said Rory Millikin, co-founder and president of Vero Naturals. "Vero Naturals' CBD is really just another state of the hemp plant, much like ice is another state of water. This means we are the only company that has managed to capture the true entourage effect of the hemp plant as nature intended. Green is nutritious in everything we consume so why wouldn't the health-conscious consumer want their CBD to be as green as well?"

Vero Naturals is a B2B ingredient supplier to brands that has created the first Nano Green CBD Powder and Liposomes in the market. Vero Naturals has both patents issued and over 20 pending in a multitude of sectors within the cannabis industry.

*Please be advised that the results of this preliminary, exploratory study are not necessarily replicable in the general population. The results of the exploratory study were not conducted in accordance with FDA clinical trial standards, so it is impossible to determine whether these results would be achieved in future clinical trial research and investigational studies using standardized protocols. The FDA has not reviewed or evaluated the methods or results of this preliminary, exploratory case study in any way. Vero Naturals Green CBD is neither a drug nor a dietary supplement and has not been approved by the FDA for any use or purpose in humans or animals.

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