BetterCloud Launches Content Scanning To Protect Sensitive Data Across The SaaS Application Stack

NEW YORK, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- BetterCloud, the first provider of SaaSOps solutions to manage and secure the digital workplace, today announced the launch of BetterCloud Content Scanning for Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Slack. Designed to bolster the company's existing Data Protection suite, BetterCloud Content Scanning gives IT teams insight into how their end users are interacting with files and data across a company's SaaS application stack. With this knowledge, IT teams can then create granular policies to protect sensitive business data, all without disrupting employee workflows and productivity.

IDC estimates that unstructured data such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets will represent more than 80 percent of all data within an organization by 2025. This data can include confidential information about customers, strategic business plans, corporate intellectual property, and other sensitive or proprietary information. These documents and resources are commonly stored within multiple repositories that span across all the SaaS applications a company uses. The challenge today is IT lacks visibility into where all of this data lives, including which files contain sensitive material, how files are shared, or who is sharing them. Due to a lack of proper tools, IT often applies intrusive measures by blocking all suspicious activity without regard for employee work needs.

"Most IT teams today take an all-or-nothing approach to securing data across SaaS applications: either they give employees access to everything or they block them from everything," said Jim Brennan, Chief Product Officer, BetterCloud. "These intrusive measures create friction and hinder business productivity. Without the proper level of operational context around who their users are and how they are interacting with their data, it's impossible for IT to determine the appropriate response. We're tackling this issue head-on with our new Content Scanning solution."

Using BetterCloud's Content Scanning, IT teams can discover and monitor existing and new sensitive content stored in their SaaS environment as users create and share documents. Content Scanning also allows for the automation of workflows to remediate oversharing of sensitive information without having to manually intervene. Additional benefits include:

    --  Identify sensitive content across applications with 90+ pre-set data
        identifiers for common sensitive data types across 25 different
        countries. Run audits on your entire environment or select files to find
        the most common sensitive content, such as Social Security, credit card,
        or passport numbers, or set up alerts to notify the appropriate teams
        when files with sensitive content are overshared.
    --  Remediate threats access a library of administrator actions across all
        connected applications and on-demand macros to quickly remediate the
        oversharing of files with sensitive content. BetterCloud offers granular
        context on users and groups to help decipher the appropriate remediation
    --  Automate granular policies and workflows to protect users from
        oversharing sensitive files. BetterCloud leverages the granular context
        stored on users to offer a remediation plan that is not intrusive to
        their workflow. BetterCloud also offers workflows via email or through a
        Slack bot integration to prompt the file owner to confirm whether a file
        is shared appropriately or not. That way, admins can build in a
        checkpoint for employees to confirm whether they intended to share the
        file and automate the remediation, if required.

IT teams at hundreds of BetterCloud customers are already using Content Scanning to monitor all data stored and shared across their SaaS applications stack, including files containing business-critical data.

"A workplace culture of transparency doesn't always go hand in hand with data security -- employees feel empowered by transparency, but also inevitably make mistakes," said Rose Layton, Strategic Technology Partner, InsideTrack (now part of Strada Education Network). "The struggle for any SaaS-powered IT team is to figure out how to maintain a high standard of security without going against our organization's values. BetterCloud's Content Scanning goes beyond a more traditional data protection tool by being both robust and flexible. It allows us to protect our data while still retaining our core values -- and IT's relationship with the rest of the organization."

Content Scanning is now available in BetterCloud's Pro & Pro+ and Enterprise & Enterprise+ plans.

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BetterCloud is the first provider of SaaSOps solutions to manage and secure the digital workplace. Over 2,500 customers in 60+ countries rely on BetterCloud to automate processes and policies across a company's SaaS application portfolio. A pioneer of the SaaSOps movement, the company established the first-ever "SaaS Application Management and Security Framework" via two published books entitled "The IT Leader's Guide to SaaSOps" -- Vol. 1: "A Six-part Framework for Managing Your SaaS Applications" & Vol. 2: "How to Secure Your SaaS Applications." BetterCloud is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit

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