ABA Business Growth Develops an Online Training Program to Support Professionals in Meeting the New PA Mandated Intensive Behavioral Health Services Training Requirements

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (PA DHS) recently issued new training standards that require helping professionals to meet a baseline of new educational regulations and standards.

ABA Business Growth, a world-wide leader in training development, recruiting and consulting services for ABA organizations, has developed web-based training programs to help support ABA organizations in Pennsylvania meet the necessary new standards so there are no gaps in service delivery. The organization has new information pertaining to the requirements, which are listed int he following section.


Many ABA organizations are seeking to better understand whether or not their teams are required to take additional trainings in order to meet the new regulations. Below are a few key points from The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services concerning the guidelines.

    --  As a PA practitioner, you may be required to complete an initial 30-hour
        training, under PA DHS regulations 5240.73 & 5240.83. We recommend you
        check with your employer and/or OMHSAS Children's Bureau-DHS at
        RA-PWIBHS@pa.gov to clarify your organization training needs.
    --  An individual who is certified as an RBT and/or BCBA may count the hours
        of training required to maintain certification towards the new training
    --  You ARE NOT required to re-take any of the initial training requirements
        if you are currently providing Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
    --  If you are a Behavioral Health Tech (BHT) and have not previously
        provided BHT or TSS services, you are required to complete at least 30
        hours of Department-approved training prior to providing services
        independently. (ABA Business Growth trainings are ACE approved)


ABA Business Growth has developed several web-based training programs to help organizations across Pennsylvania meet the new training requirements. They are as follows:

    --  A 30-hour Training Package for Clinical Directors and Behavior Analysts
        with NO experience (non BCBA®)
    --  A 20-hour Training Package for Clinical Directors and Behavior Analysts
        with experience (non BCBA®)
    --  A 30-Hour Training Package for BHTs and Behavior Techs

Learn more about the training offerings at http://www.aba-businessgrowth.com/pa-training

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