Crystal Report Writer Announces Strategies For Tracking Hazardous Chemical Inventory And Training

PASO ROBLES, Calif., March 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Federal, state and local agencies require specific handling and storage methods for a very long list of materials that have been classified as hazardous. Many industries use an extensive number of chemicals for a variety of reasons and tracking the handling and storage and use and disposal can be simplified with the right Crystal Report Writer strategy.

A wide variety of industries work with substances that have been classified as hazardous materials. From the manufacturers of those materials, to transport, to storing, training employees about handling materials, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is very specific about how each phase must be conducted.

A company that works with any chemical on the OSHA list is required to track virtually everything that has to do with the chemical. This can create a complex regulatory problem for businesses:

    --  Do we need a separate information system to track this?
    --  How can we leverage our current systems for the best tracking?

A Paso Robles, CA company, Crystal Report Writers, has answers to both questions and a solution.

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to create custom reports from a variety of data sources and is especially suited for supporting some of the complex issues presented by hazardous materials. The things that must be tracked when hazardous materials are present include:

    --  Handling: Who handles the chemical on the dock when it arrives or is
        shipped out? Who handles it for manufacturing processes? Who cleans up
        spills? Who is responsible for disposing of unused materials?
    --  Safety gear and equipment: What safety gear is required, such as eye
        protection? How is it issued? Does any of the gear or safety equipment
        require special training or certification? Where are the training and
        certification acquired? How are certifications tracked?
    --  Storage and inventory: Where are the chemicals stored? Where are they
        used within the business (such as a building address, or some other
        workplace identifier for a laboratory or manufacturing floor)? How are
        quantities tracked? How are unused portions tracked? Where are Material
        Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) kept?
    --  Packaging and shipping: How are the chemicals packaged and labeled? How
        are they shipped?
    --  Application: How are the chemicals used? Are they mixed with other
        chemicals and how is that process done and monitored?
    --  Training: What kind of training is provided to employees who handle and
        are otherwise exposed to the chemicals? Is there training for emergency
        procedures? How is training tracked?
    --  Disposal: What is the disposal procedure for unused or outdated
        materials? Who is responsible for overseeing disposal? Who transports
        these materials? What is the disposal location? How is disposal tracked
        and verified?
    --  Emergency procedures: What are the procedures in the event of a spill or
        exposure? Who is responsible for executing and overseeing that
        procedure? How is the emergency recorded and reported for internal and
        regulatory purposes? Who are the key people to be notified in an
        emergency? Are there emergency evacuation procedures in place? Who is
        trained in those procedures?
    --  Reporting: What reports are required by regulation and which agencies
        receive them? What kinds of reports are going to best meet internal
        company needs?

These questions and many more associated with handling and processing hazardous chemicals can be answered by an expert Crystal Report Writer who has a wide breadth of experience with a range of industries and reporting needs.

By assessing your company's hazardous materials uses and procedures then creating a reporting system and training key staff, Crystal Report Writers can help you meet your hazardous materials tracking and reporting needs and generate reports that:

    --  Provide details about your chemical handling and storage locations and
    --  Provide shipping and delivery details
    --  Deliver statistical and detail reports about exposure incidents
    --  Monitor training programs, certifications and licenses
    --  Compile budget data for costs associated with chemical handling,
        including employee salaries, cost of safety gear and equipment, training
        and more
    --  Generate data for a variety of standard reports
    --  Provides reporting versatility that supports ad hoc reporting

Laurel Anderson, the owner of Crystal Report Writer, brings more than 20 years of data analysis, report design and Crystal Report writing to her clients. Anderson's specialty is working closely with clients to design and develop best Crystal Reports for a wide range of industries and small businesses to large corporations. Working within a company's time and cost requirements, Crystal Report Writers focus on delivering reports and reporting processes that meet business objectives.

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