United Safety Pivots Manufacturing To Produce PPE Face Shields

EXTON, Pa., April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- United Safety & Survivability Corporation (United Safety), a manufacturer of custom seating and fire suppression products for the transit, military and first responder markets, has pivoted its manufacturing assembly lines in an effort to help meet the demand of life saving PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by creating face shields and reusable N95 type masks to send to our first responders, doctors, nurses and others on the front lines helping to defeat the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"Our mission, at United Safety, has always been to save lives," said Joseph Mirabile, President and CEO, United Safety. "This is an extension of our mission that fits with the world today and we're very proud to do our part to help. United Safety has always felt strongly about giving back to the community and to our country in as many ways as we can. In this case, we are uniquely positioned to be able to provide lifesaving PPE gear to people we all owe to look at as heroes - doctors, nurses, first responders and so many others fighting this pandemic."

John-Paul McGovern, Vice President of Engineering, stated "Many of the industries we serve involve customers and end users putting their lives on the line. When we learned of the shortage of PPE in hospitals and for first responders, our first thoughts were how we might use our engineering experience and manufacturing equipment to help the situation." John-Paul added, "Many of our existing products are highly customized, so finding an efficient design that could go into production quickly and in high volumes was somewhat straightforward. Within a few hours of beginning the design process, we had three workable concepts. We produced a few hundred units the next day, over a thousand within a few days and several thousand a day within about a week. We're doing very little compared to the nurses, doctors, first responders and caretakers putting their lives on the line each day, but it's rewarding to know we're at least doing something to help."

To further accelerate the amount of face shields that can be produced, United Safety has initiated a GoFundMe page where donations go straight to the production of more face shields for healthcare workers. In addition, contributors can include a request on where to send the donated PPE face shields.

To date, the largest donation has come from employees at the Graham Company, one of the largest insurance and employee benefits firms in the country. "We are thrilled to support the efforts of United Safety to answer the call of our healthcare workers," stated Patrick Owens, a producer at the Graham Company that spearheaded the donation. "The ability of United Safety to act in such a nimble and agile way speaks to the sort of action we need organizations to take in these difficult times. We are proud to call them a partner." Additional contributor partners have included the Brownstein Group, the longest-running independent marketing communications agency in Philadelphia. Marc Brownstein, CEO of Brownstein Group said, "In times of crises, great leaders figure out a way to help their employees, customers and community. This is exactly what United Safety has done under the leadership of Joe Mirabile. Brownstein Group is proud to do our small part in supporting such an important, and noble, effort."

To date, United Safety has shipped over 20,000 PPE face shields and continues to ship out thousands more each day. To learn more and donate, please visit our website at: www.unitedsafetycorporation.com/ppe-response/

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