WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform Supports Business as Usual by Empowering a #WFH Remote Workforce at Scale

SAN FRANCISCO, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WalkMe, the leading digital adoption platform and one of the fastest growing software companies globally, is ensuring business continuity during times of disruption by bridging the gap between users and organizations and impacting how enterprises worldwide are working, engaging, and doing business. As global workforces are transformed to #WFH out of necessity, WalkMe empowers business leaders to realize the promise of their people and their technology investments - the organization's two most valuable assets.

The digital workplace is constantly changing, and while only 62% of businesses globally currently have a flexible workspace policy, in today's new reality, 100% of organizations need to adjust in order to keep operating. Whether employees are accustomed to working remotely, or just when crisis strikes, organizations need to equip employees with the digital tools to perform their jobs and assure business as usual. Yet, many organizations fail to close the gap between the promise of their technology investment, and their desired outcomes - often exacerbated when face to face communication is limited.

"Most of the global workforce will be remote for the foreseeable future - and businesses must plan for long-term productivity and engagement," said Rafael Sweary, President and Co-Founder, WalkMe. "Business continuity is absolutely critical during times of uncertainty so companies need to implement a digital adoption platform and strategy to give their employees the tools that will support their work during these difficult times."

With employees working from home and uncertainty in the air, business leaders are charged with ensuring their teams can effectively perform their jobs. WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform touches upon all aspects of the organization to help keep employees productive and engaged, and management in control and informed. Organizations must rely on technology, now more than ever, for business continuity and to be the bridge for communication, employee engagement, and visibility.

WalkMe Workstation for Windows, Mac, and web, brings the WalkMe experience to employees' desktop so that they can stay engaged and informed - anytime, anywhere. WalkMe's Workstation will:

    --  Keep employees engaged & informed: Drive visibility to critical
        announcements and updates regardless of which application is currently
        being used. Leverage out of the box templates for quick deployment and
        segment content for increased relevance.
    --  Ensure business continuity: Ease onboarding of new employees, users or
        tools without having to rely on in-classroom training.
    --  Simplify self-service support and reduce demand on IT: Aggregate key
        business applications and resources in a centralized hub to make it
        easier for employees to find what they need, when they need it.
    --  Provide visibility into software usage and Business productivity:
        Introducing the Business Productivity Dashboard - gain an in-depth view
        into employee productivity, understand why users succeed or fail across
        applications and business processes, and streamline software spend by
        uncovering unused software licenses, duplicate systems, or
        underachieving platforms.

More information on WalkMe Workstation is available here.

About WalkMe:

WalkMe provides a Digital Adoption Platform that simplifies the user experience and drives action using insights, engagement, guidance and automation capabilities. Using artificial intelligence/machine learning, analytics and automation, WalkMe's context-intelligent platform anticipates users' needs and provides help exactly when and where they need it. WalkMe is used by over 2,000 companies globally, including more than 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit: https://www.walkme.com/.

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