Springbuk, Using Its Health Intelligence Platform, Empowers Partners to Identify Underlying Conditions and Reduce COVID-19 Risk of Severe Complications

INDIANAPOLIS, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Springbuk, a health intelligence software company, today announced its ability to help companies identify underlying health conditions within their employee population that would put them more at risk of severe complications with COVID-19. This capability provides recommendations to be proactive in protecting those employees.

Springbuk, whose mission is to prevent disease with data, is providing the COVID-19 Insights category free for its customers starting this week. These insights will provide direction for companies that are interested in identifying members who would be at risk for more severe complications if they were to contract COVID-19. This capability allows employers to focus their resources on the most impactful opportunities during these critical times.

"The goal is to identify individuals with underlying risks so that companies can understand the potential impact of COVID-19 and create plans to address employee risk proactively," said Janet Young, M.D., Springbuk's lead clinical scientist. "Together, we can reduce the risk to the most vulnerable individuals in our population."

Springbuk empowers organizations to deliver intelligent, actionable strategies, backed by data, to make smarter health management decisions. By examining historical data such as past medical and prescription claims, Springbuk enables partners to identify opportunities for risk mitigation and cost savings.

"Employers' ability to understand health trends, know how to act on that information, and put it into action to protect their people could not be more pressing than in this moment," Springbuk CEO Rod Reasen said. "I'm inspired by the countless hours of work our team of clinicians, data scientists, and health strategists have dedicated to addressing the COVID-19 crisis."

About Springbuk

Springbuk is a leading-edge Health Intelligence platform that helps employers and consultants manage their investments in population health. Our innovative solution offers deep insights, empowers smarter decision-making, and provides strategic direction to help maximize return on investments. Health Intelligence empowers employers and consultants to deliver plans and programs that fit. Learn more at www.springbuk.com.

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