Clozex® Is a Safe, FDA Approved and Revolutionary Product That Helps Close Wounds Without Going to the Emergency Room

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Minor cuts and lacerations can be safely, quickly, and effectively treated at home with Clozex Medical innovative wound closures, reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other contagions. Stay safe and keep our medical professionals focused on the increasing needs of so many patients right now. Clozex provides a non-threatening solution for the treatment of cuts and lacerations and they are, most importantly, affordable for everyone.

"Statistics are showing us that as many as 75% of ER visits are potentially preventable visits, and the #3 reason for an ER visit is due to laceration*. We, of course, want everyone to use common sense and make good health decisions," states Clozex President & CEO John Michael Streithorst, "but this is not a good time to be waiting in an emergency room for urgent care on a wound that can be safely closed at home, using Clozex non-invasive, needleless wound closures. We are especially concerned with the young and elderly. A parent can sanitize a cut and have a Clozex Medical Closure on their child's wound in minutes without an anxiety-laden ride and wait for medical attention from already over-burdened staff. An older or compromised person, with thin skin or mobility issues, need not be exposed and put through the discomfort of a crowded waiting room. A small accident in the kitchen, workshop, or with kids at play, can be safely treated in minutes."

Clozex closures' intuitive approach was developed with the input of leading surgeons and is designed to keep skin closures simple. With a simple pulling motion, the interlaced design of Clozex precisely aligns the skin edges for a secure, and aesthetically pleasing closure. Clozex is FDA approved for over-the-counter use and is available in healthcare facilities across the USA. Available online and

Clozex Medical Closures:

    --  Are easy to use, quick to apply, and reduce anxiety caused by suturing
    --  Provide excellent cosmetic results, leaving no "track marks" that may be
        caused by sutures
    --  Reduce the risk of infection caused by piercing the skin with sutures
    --  Eliminate potential needlestick accidents at a busy clinic and in a
        hectic emergency response situation
    --  Allow for showering within 24 hours with no adverse effects on longevity
    --  Are cost-effective: emergency room visits are expensive. Clozex can be
        easily removed at home


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