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An unmanned air vehicle or also called drones is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard, however, typically operated human. Drones have been used in numerous applications including air traffic, agriculture, retail, and safety and security. UAVs can be used to both protect and threaten airspace security in numerous ways. Safety and security drones are typically used for military and operational purposes, which saves the cost and time of field-surveillance. Apart from this, drones are used in smart cities to maintain the safety and security of cities, monitor traffic, and provide an in-time response for emergency services namely medical service.

The global safety and security drones market was estimated to account for US$ 354.8 Mn in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.7 % over the forecasted period 2019-27.

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Market Drivers

1. Growing use of drones in military applications is expected to drive growth of the global safety and security drones market during the forecast period

Drones a plethora of applications in military sector where human intervention is not possible or important. These applications include intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), battle damage management, and combat operations. Many countries across the globe, both developed and emerging economies, are incorporating high-tech security drones, in order to enhance surveillance operations and improve combat operation capabilities. For instance, in December 2019, Turkey incorporated a new military armed drone 'Songar' by Asisguard, which is equipped with a firearm. These drones will be used to carry out surveillance and attacks on more significant targets such as vehicles and infrastructure.

2. Rising adoption of drones for advanced patrolling of marine borders is expected to propel the global safety and security drones market growth over the forecast

Marin patrolling has become a major issue for many countries across the globe. These countries are deploying advanced drones to carry out surveillance and patrolling marine borders. For instance, Safety and security drones such Sniffer Drones are being deployed European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). These drones will be used to regulate air pollution caused by ships, where the drone can register the amount of sulfur in the fuel. Hence, these factors are expected to support growth of the global safety and security drones market in the near future.

Market Opportunities

1. Rising defense budget of major economies can present major growth strategies in the near future

Major economies across the globe including the U.S., Germany, France, and the U.K. are focused on adopting high-tech drones, in order to enhance their surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. These countries are also augmenting their defense budget every year, in order to upgrade existing military capabilities. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), total countries across the globe invested US$ 1.686 trillion on defense in 2016, which 0.4% increase in 2015. According to the same source, the U.S. held a dominant position in terms of military expenditure followed by China and Russia. Key companies in the market can capitalize on untapped potential in these markets and gain a competitive edge.

2. Constant research and development activities in the drones sector

As the field of security and surveillance has become challenging, end users across the globe are demanding advanced drone systems with high-tech capabilities and increased payloads. Key companies across the globe are focused on research and development activities, in order to innovate novel products. Moreover, many key players are forming a strategic alliance with other major companies, in order to enhance their market potential.

Market Restraint

Lack of skilled personnel to operate UAVs is expected to hamper the global safety and security drones market growth over the forecast period

Operating UAVs require skilled personnel with adequate training. Although developed countries have employed skilled and trained operators, the scenario is not the same with emerging economies. It is typically due to low investment in defense and a lack of adequate infrastructure. Therefore, these factors are expected to hinder the global safety and security drones market growth in the near future.

Key Takeaways

    --  North America holds the dominant position in the global safety and
        security drones market and is expected to witness significant growth
        over the forecast period 2019-27. This is owing to increasing adoption
        of UAVs/drones for commercial and military applications in North
        America. For instance, US public safety agencies are adopting drones
        from the China-based drone maker. In July 2019, US public safety
        agencies ordered drones from China-based manufacturer DJI Technologies.
        Which represents a lucrative opportunity for safety and security drones
        in the region.
    --  Among application segment, smart cities sub segment is expected to
        dominate the global safety and security drones market over the
        forecasted period 2019-27. This is owing to wide application areas of
        drones in smart cities for managing the traffic, crowd management,
        security and surveillance among other. Moreover, government of various
        countries are also focusing on implementing drones for safety and
        security purpose. For instance, Indian government has partnered with
        Tata Consulting Services for using the drones for the surveillance, and
        for identifying the unauthorized settlements and to deter robbers in
        Kaziranga National Park.
    --  Among drone type segment fixed wing drones sub segment is expected to
        create a lucrative opportunity for global safety and security drones
        market as these drones have simple structure so requires less
        maintenance and repair process. Moreover fixed wings drones are
        comparatively lower in weight so provides more operational time owing to
        which drone manufacturers are focusing on developing new fixed wings
        drones. For Instance, Atlas Dynamics, which is an aerospace company
        providing autonomous UAV solutions, announced that they have launched a
        fixed-wing UAV, called the Atlas Blue-J, which is suitable for security
        & inspection purpose.

Market Trends

1. Introduction of AI-enabled Drones

Key companies in the market are focused on incorporating cutting-edge technology into drones such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT). Integrating these technologies can enhance the capabilities of drones, making them more efficient and effective. Key manufacturers are investing significantly in research and development activities, in order to enhance the AI capabilities of drones. This trend is expected to continue during the forecast period.

2. Cloud Computing-based Services

Cloud computing-based drone is another major trend in the market. Cloud computing provides numerous advantages including low latency support, efficient integration, location awareness, and scalability. Moreover, it can enable real-time insights, thereby enhancing overall capabilities of drones.


Basic Rules and Regulations related to Drones in U.S.

1. The operator need to register their drone and carry the proof of the registration number with him/her

2. The operator should fly their drones at or below 400 feet above the ground when in uncontrolled (Class G) airspace.

3. It is not allowed to fly the drone at night unless the drone has lighting that allows to know its location and orientation at all times.

4. Unmanned aircraft must weigh less than 55 lbs. (25 kg).

5. Maximum groundspeed of 100 mph (87 knots)

Competitive Section

Key players operating in the global safety and security drones market are General Atomics, 3D Robotics, Atlas Dynamics , Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Aeryon Labs, Textron Inc., Parrot, SZ DJI, Action Drone, Aerialtronics, and Kespry.

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Key Developments

1. Key companies in the market are focused on agreements and contracts, in order to enhance the market presence. For instance, in October 2019, General Atomics entered into an agreement with NASA to perform as part of the agency's project to integrate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS).

2. Major market players are involved in product launches, in order to expand product portfolio. For instance, in February 2019, The Boeing Company introduced a new type of unmanned aircraft that is designed to fly alongside piloted airplanes for military missions.

Market Taxonomy

1. By Component

    --  Airframe
    --  Controller System
    --  Propulsion System
    --  Others (Sensors/Battery/Camera)

2. By Drone Type

    --  Fixed Wings
    --  Rotor Drones
    --  Hybrid Drones

3. By Application

    --  Explosive Detection & Removal
    --  Firefighting
    --  Smart Cities
    --  Inspection & Safety
    --  Patrolling
    --  Surveillance Operations
    --  Weather & Climate Analysis
    --  Others

4. By End User

    --  Agriculture
    --  Airports
    --  Colleges & Universities
    --  Construction
    --  Forestry & Logging
    --  Government
    --  Power & Utilities
    --  Oil & Gas Pipeline
    --  Residential Buildings
    --  Mining
    --  Seaports & Docks

5. By Region

    --  North America
    --  Europe
    --  Asia Pacific
    --  Latin America
    --  Middle East & Africa)

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