Last Update August 11, 2022


  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

Adimec specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-performance cameras that meet the application-specific requirements of key market segments, including machine vision, medical imaging, and outdoor imaging. Founded in 1992, the company partners with major OEMs around the world to facilitate the creation of industry-leading cameras. The unique Adimec True Accurate Imaging® technology provides new levels of precision and accuracy to vision systems. Its diverse line of camera products meet a wide range of performance, size, cost, interface and application requirements. 


Global Security
• Airborne payloads
• Long-range observation
• Traffic Monitoring

Machine Vision
• Semiconductor front-end
• Semiconductor back-end
• PCB manufacturing

• Radiology
• Digital pathology
• Treatment

Adimec Advanced Image Systems

  • Luchthavenweg 91, 5657 EA, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • +31 (0)40 2353900
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