OpenClassrooms Makes Distance Learning Tools Available for Free to Educators and Students in Response to Coronavirus Crisis

PARIS, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenClassrooms, a global education-to-employment platform, is making free digital tools available to all educators, students, apprentices, and trainees from higher education establishments, public or private, and professional training whose learning has been disrupted by the global coronavirus pandemic. Since official launch, 1,000 schools have requested access for a total of 100,000 students.

OpenClassrooms has millions of students across 140 countries. Its pedagogical model blends top quality online coursework with a high touch one-on-one mentorship, project-based learning, career coaching, and a job guarantee.

To support all teachers and students whose learning has been disrupted amid the pandemic, OpenClassrooms is making licenses for its Spark distance learning product available for free. Spark allows educators and professional trainers to digitally monitor student progress and mastery of key educational objectives. Spark licenses are a proven value-add for teachers and professionals in education and training, enabling them to ensure pedagogical continuity as they shift to remote learning.

OpenClassrooms aims to make additional resources available to students, apprentices and trainees to support their learning over the coming months.

"During these difficult times, OpenClassrooms would like to help make a difference and contribute to the efforts being made by governments worldwide to ensure the continuity of education. We are helping make sure that students, apprentices or trainees are not neglected despite abrupt closures of schools, universities, and training centers," says Pierre Dubuc, co-founder and CEO of OpenClassrooms.

In addition to the free Spark learning licenses, these are the other resources available to e-learners and educators through OpenClassrooms:

    --  A free catalogue of more than 600 courses in relevant professional
        skills entirely online, built to promote the progressive acquisition of
        knowledge on many subjects.
    --  A series of control tools, which allow precise and continuous monitoring
        of skills acquisition; these tools are normally accessible through a
    --  Teacher training for OpenClassrooms monitoring and control tools,
        including a series of online seminars.

Many of these courses cover digital skills in web development, data, management and UX design. Soft skills such as working efficiently in teams, working autonomously, and communication with digital tools and many more are also a big part of the OpenClassrooms catalogue.

Simultaneously, OpenClassrooms' objective is to provide teachers and trainers with a large body of existing teaching resources, and to enable them to follow along with their students' progress.

Educators interested in activating their free Spark license may complete the following steps:

    1. Register with OpenClassrooms by filling out this online form: HERE.
    2. The OpenClassrooms team will contact the educator to understand their
       individual request and needs, and invite them to a brief introductory
       online seminar.

Access to the OpenClassrooms catalogue and control tools will be available for free through June 2020.

About OpenClassrooms
OpenClassrooms is a global online education to employment platform, on a mission to make quality education and career advancement accessible to all. Right now, more than 3 million people are studying with OpenClassrooms across 140 countries. OpenClassrooms offers a combination of top-quality online coursework with individual mentorships, project-based work, career counseling, and a job guarantee for degree-track students. The OpenClassrooms online platform makes top quality training programs and talent sourcing globally scalable for partners including Capgemini, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. OpenClassrooms also works with top tier academic institutions to develop curricula. OpenClassrooms programming is developed in collaboration with top performers in jobs that technology companies are struggling to fill. This includes web development, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and UX design.

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