Guide Infrared Supplies Local Authorities with Thermal Imaging Systems to Prevent Disease Resurgence in Wuhan

WUHAN, China, March 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the transportation within the city of Wuhan was preparing to resume on March 28th, Guide Infrared (SZ.002414), a leading Chinese manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems based in Wuhan, has supplied Guide Infrared Fever Screening Systems to the transportation hubs, arming the subways, train stations and airports with a robust solution to prevent the resurgence of the virus following the increased traffic flow. Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19 outbreak in China, is starting to emerge from the two-month lockdown.

To ensure the health and safety of passengers, Wuhan Metro has put in place several measures, including daily disinfection, real-name registration for traceable health status and infrared fever screening while the increase in traffic flow will put a strain on the inspectors. A massive influx of people in the public is expected, meaning that a more effective and quick solution is needed to better deal with the situation.

In contrast with the traditional tools such as temperature guns, Guide Infrared automatic fever screening systems take the temperature of passengers while they several meters away, avoiding the close contact required by temperature guns and reducing the risk of infection. Powered by the AI-enabled facial detection technology, the system can automatically focus on a passenger's face and sound an alarm when a person with a fever is identified, giving inspectors an ideal tool to deal with densely populated and fast-moving scenarios.

"For 20 years, Guide Infrared has set up a database based on mass screening samples in a myriad of real-life scenarios. To deliver fast and accurate temperature detection, the company has conducted constant algorithm optimization coupled with software and hardware upgrades," said Wang Peng, the CTO of Guide Infrared.

Apart from transportation hubs, the system is designed for other scenarios where a large volume of population flow is expected after resumption of operation. Many business complexes and schools have seen the installation of the system to prevent a second wave of infection.

From the SARS in 2003, the H1N1 Influenza in 2009 and the Ebola epidemic in 2014, to the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, Guide Infrared has a proven track record of supporting global public health crisis, standing with the world in the prevention of diseases.

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