Nanotechnology May Have The Solution For Virus Transmission Reduction

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Executives of NTI Nanotechnology Corp. ("NTI"), headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, made a bold claim today as they released information on a suite of anti-bacterial and anti-viral products. The products were initially scheduled to launch in Q3 and Q4 of 2020. Given the current COVID-19 supply chain issues governments are experiencing for medical grade sanitizers, and PPE, the company has accelerated its timeline for the release of its anti-viral YZER Health Product line.

The public can now get a glimpse of the important role nanotechnology is playing for a sustainable future of the planet and people.

The YZER suite of products provide solutions ranging from anti-bacterial and anti-viral applications in a variety of substrates, including Textiles, Plastics and Sanitizers (branded as YZER Health). Additionally, large scale construction products (branded as YZER Infrastructure) through ecological mitigation (YZER Environment) are available to provide sustainable solutions in what has typically been industries that can leave behind unmitigated environmental damage.

While the first products were due to be launched in the summer, the company is now working alongside the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and Export Canada launching in to global markets and providing solutions for the destructive COVID-19 global pandemic.

"We will be accelerating the logistics to supply the market with premium grade hand sanitizer and face masks that have proven general anti-viral properties because of a unique formulation of state-of-the-art Silver Nano Particles. Additionally, we are accelerating manufacturing surface wipes and products like face masks and gowns that have anti-viral properties. We would hope to be in the market a few months ahead of the original forecast," said CEO of NTI, Andre Voskuil, adding, "Clearly the problem that we are experiencing today is with a medical industry that has had no option but to dispose frequently of their clothing and PPE. The application of Nanotechnology will allow us to provide reusable PPE and clothing reducing the burden on the supply chain."

The company is in discussions with manufacturers and packaging companies in North America to assist with distribution of their product lines and is looking to expand its local network of companies, which can process NTI's proprietary nanotechnology material.

The YZER brand of products is powered by cutting-edge nanotechnology that was scientifically developed in Argentina and is currently manufactured there. NTI and their Argentinian partners are one of few companies world-wide, which have developed and proven Nanotechnology products on an industrial scale. The Yzer Health products utilize Nano Colloidal Silver, which has long been known to have strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This effect is then amplified tremendously through the application on the Nano-scales. As research also has shown anti-viral properties that could be very important in preventing the spread of pandemics such as COVID-19.

"Frankly, we wanted to plan an orderly and systematic path to market, but given the current global challenges, we felt it was incumbent on us to release the products as quickly as possible. We are getting support from our Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to seek partners for both local production and distribution for both our already existing and newly developed products," added Voskuil.

NTI's COO, Robert Schwetzke and his team, are working with various government agencies to coordinate manufacturing, bottling and distribution of the products from bases in Europe and North America. "The good news for us is that the Argentinian government had already certified the products as medical grade safe for use and that, with some good fortune will reduce the complexity of getting to market in a short period of time," said Schwetzke. "It is, however, important to partner with local manufacturers."

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Yzer Future is a brand centered on ESG principles that progress and commerce do not come at the sacrifice of a community or environment.

The fundamental Vision of the team at Yzer Future are to identify disruptive solutions to old problems that have resisted change. As such the company has isolated Nano-technologies that have been pioneered, researched and proven at labs and universities around the world and are ready to be applied on an economically viable industrial scale.

About Nanotechnology applied by NTI

The science of the manipulation of materials on the nano-scale has been around since the 1980's. As chemical and physical properties of material often change greatly at this scale, specific nanoparticles can be created, which deploy certain behaviors on the molecular level.

All of NTI's Nanoparticles are made of either Silver, Iron or Zinc, and only organic reducers are used in the manufacturing process, making them safe to use.

The Yzer Health products utilize Colloidal Nano-Silver particles in the size range <50nm and have proven to interact extremely efficiently bacteria and viruses.

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