LS Networks Completes Fiber Network Expansion Into Salem

PORTLAND, Ore., April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- LS Networks, the largest, locally owned, fiber-optic network in the Pacific Northwest, recently announced the completion of a new fiber build in Salem, Oregon. This footprint expansion will bring reliable, high-speed connectivity to businesses in south Salem. Completion of the project was the result of hard work from the LS Networks' team and its implementation of a new deployment strategy: cluster network architecture. With cluster network architecture, businesses can get carrier-class connectivity in less time, and they can layer on additional products without multiple service installations.

What is cluster network architecture? Leif Hansen, VP of Engineering and Operations explains, "A cluster is a dense deployment of network infrastructure within a defined geography that enables businesses to access a series of ubiquitous and advanced service offerings. By focusing resources in a defined area, this strategy allows for the broadest range of services at the most economical cost. The outcome is two-fold: it provides a surplus of infrastructure and network capacity that eliminates the constraints typically found in traditional network deployments, and it will support existing and future LS Networks service offerings."

LS Networks' expansion using this strategy represents the first of its kind. Delivering over 20 miles of fiber to south Salem, businesses within these areas can now leverage reliable, high-speed network connectivity. With cluster network architecture, companies can meet their communications needs of today and support the growth of those needs in the future.

Byron Cantrall, LS Networks' CEO, explains, "This significant investment in the community not only helps bridge the digital divide but also brings customized fiber solutions to businesses and rural markets that rely on high-speed connectivity to stay competitive. This is the first of many to come."

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About LS Networks
LS Networks is the largest, locally owned and operated, fiber-optic network in the Pacific Northwest. For over 15 years, we've served rural and underserved communities with high-speed connectivity and market-leading bandwidth that other carriers deploy only in metropolitan areas. With a mission to be the most trusted provider through our focus on quality, innovation, and investment in our communities, LS Networks provides businesses competitive pricing and bandwidth - disrupting the incumbent-dominated telecommunications landscape. Offering a complete portfolio of data, fiber internet, and voice services, LS Networks continues to stand as a leading provider of innovative services in the region. If your business is within rural Oregon or Washington, let us transform the way you do business. Let's grow together at light speed.

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