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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

ITECO S.A., is an engineering company dedicated to the provision of integrated solutions to the agricultural and industrial markets. Among ITECO’s products and services are hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, filtration and automation systems and instrumentation, gas generators, maintenance and repair of equipment, consulting services and training.

ITECO’s headquarters are located in Cali with branches in Bogota and Barranquilla. The Company has achieved national coverage in the provision of motion and control equipment to the general industry.

Its wide portfolio of products and services and its more than 22 years’ experience allows the Company to provide precise technical solutions to the industry. ITECO guarantees the well-being of its personnel and the efficiency of its industrial processes through the implementation of the NTC ISO 9001 Quality Management system evaluated and approved by Bureau Veritas. Besides the periodic evaluation realized by the Colombian Council of Security related to occupational safety and health, the Company has been granted with the COFACE SERVICES COLOMBIA Suppliers’ certification, which certifies it being an excellent option in the industry.


ITECO provides the agricultural and industrial markets with engineering products and services of the highest quality, related to motion and control equipment.


The Company aims to be recognized as a world-class company that provides engineering solutions and consulting services in Colombia.


ITECO S.A. provides its customers high quality hydraulic and pneumatic equipment of high reliability and durability at competitive prices and timely deliveries with the support of highly qualified personnel.



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Ricardo Salazar
+57 2 889 6969
Sales Engineer
+57 2 889 9399 +57 2 889 6969
Calle 20 # 1-30, Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

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Edwin Restrepo
+57 2 889 6969
Sales Engineer
+57 2 889 9399 +57 2 889 6969
Calle 20 # 1-30, Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

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Johnny Bejarano
+57 2 889 6969
Sales Engineer
+57 2 889 9399 +57 2 889 6969
Calle 20 # 1-30, Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

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Mijail Gomez
+57 2 889 6969
Sales Engineer
Calle 17A # 54 – 40, Bogota, Colombia

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Omar Alonso Merchan
+57 2 889 6969
Sales Engineer
Calle 17A # 54 – 40, Bogota, Colombia

General Services

ITECO S.A. offers a variety of services, including maintenance and repair of equipment:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems,
  • Measurement of pressure, flow, power and temperature of systems in motion (SensoControl Parker Service Master Kit),
  • Diagnosis of hydraulic oil cleanliness (scm laser 2000),
  • Repair and maintenance of actuators, pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic  and pneumatic equipment,
  • Maintenance and repair of actuators and power units,
  • Assembly of equipment,
  • The Company possesses hydraulic and pneumatic test benches in order to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment under repair,
  • Design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of control and power boards according to the needs of each client. The Company is certified under NTC 2050, UL 508, and IEC 61346-2 standards among others,
  • Adjustment and parameterization of switches, sensors and transmitters,
  • Assembly of pipelines, trays, engines and low tension components,
  • PLC Programming, HMI and SCADA programming.

Training Services

ITECO S.A. is equipped with an integral training center that offers advanced training services to its clients. The course has a duration of 160 hours and includes introduction to basic and advanced concepts related to oil-hydraulics, pneumatic systems and automation.

Content of courses:

  • Basic concepts of oil-hydraulics,
  • Basic concepts of pneumatics,
  • Hydraulic special pumps,
  • Water power regulation,
  • Hydraulic linear and rotating actuators,
  • Hydraulic circuits,
  • Tanks, coolers, filters - electrohydraulic control systems,
  • Proportional valves,
  • Electro-pneumatic systems.

Hydraulic Automation Systems

ITECO S.A. is a supplier of hydraulic automation systems of the brands: PARKER, DENISON CALZONI, VOAC, KTR, JENKHO, STERLING and OILAIR mainly for industrial and agricultural applications.

• Hydraulic Actuators (Cylinder Motors),
• Αccumulators,
• Controllers and Hydraulic Drive Systems,
• Pumps and Hydraulic Motors,
• Orbitrol Steering Valves,
• Solenoid Valves,
• Servo and Proportional Valves,
• Cartridge Valves,
• Hydraulic Valves,
• Power Units.

Pneumatic Automation Systems

ITECO S.A. is a supplier of pneumatic automation products of the brands PARKER, SCHRADER-BELLOWS, ROSS, ATLAS AUTOMATION, COMPUMOTOR, DIGIPLAN and DAEDAL which are considered very important in the automatic and control industry.

• Control and Pneumatic Systems,
• Controllers,
• Drivers,
• Servomotors,
• Pneumatic Actuators,
• Linear Motors and Slides,
• Pneumatic Valves,
• Safety Valves,
• Pneumatic Solenoids,
• Manifold Valves,
• Pneumatic Hoses and Fittings,
• Quick Fittings.

Process Automation

Process Automation is ideal for reducing production time and costs, maximizing quality and maintaining equipment in optimal conditions. ITECO S.A. can provide support in the development process, equipment selection and installation, PLC programming and SCADA design. BRANDS:

  • NAIS,
  • GE,
  • FANUC.

Fluid Connectors

ITECO is a supplier of fluid connectors and other equipment of the brands:

  • BRASS,
  • DAYCO,
  • ITR, and

For the general industry:

  • Rubber and Thermoplastic Hoses,
  • Industrial Hoses,
  • Connectors and Adapters for Hoses,
  • Connectors for Pipelines and Plastics,
  • Valves and Connectors in Bronze,
  • Connectors for Hoses,
  • Rapid Shutdown Systems.

Climate Control Systems

ITECO S.A. offers climate control systems of the brands: PARKER, SINCLAIR COLLINS, SCEM, JACKIE EVANS and BYRON, such as:

  • Pressure Regulators,
  • Check Valves,
  • Thermoplastic and Expansion Valves,
  • Electronic Controllers,
  • Air/Heating Hoses.

Electrical Control Systems

ITECO is a supplier of electrical control systems of the brands: MOELLER, LOVATO, CABUR, ENERLUX, BRETER, CROMPTON, GRAVES, SIEMENS and WEG. The Company provides protection of engines and assets with mini-breakers, switches and interrupters, as well as protection against overcharging. ITECO specializes in the management and control of energy using relays, correctors, multimeters and digital analyzers.


The Company is a supplier of instrumentation and advises its clients on the selection of constant measurement equipment of diverse physical (pressure, flow, linear or angular displacement, etc.) or analytical variables (PH, potential REDOX, etc.) providing assembly, parameterization, preventive maintenance and calibration services at the same time.

  • Pressure, Flow, Temperature and Level Transducers,
  • Linear Actuators,
  • Linear Displacement Transducers,
  • Process, Temperature and Speed Indicators,
  • Stand-alone Controllers,
  • Speed Variators.

Filtration Equipment

ITECO offers a variety of filtration equipment of the brands: PARKER, FINITE, DONALDSON, BALSTON, DOMNICK HUNTER, IRLEMP and RACOR, such as:

  • High performance hydraulic filtration systems for mobile, marine and military applications,
  • Complete line of air/gas filtering systems and separation of products; coalescences and particles,
  • Internal combustion filters.

Seals & Gaskets

ITECO S.A. is a supplier of seals, gaskets, stamps (elastomeric stamps, polymer and plastic stamps, thermoplastic stamps) and couplings of the following brands: FILTRAN, CHEMSTAR, TTXE, PARKER, PRADIFA, POLAR SEAL, JM CLIPPERS and ACADIA, among others.

Gas Generation Equipment

Portable equipment for the generation of gases, such as nitrogen, hydrogen for diverse applications, from the processing and packaging of food, the storage of perishable products, modified atmosphere areas, the self-propelling market, the storage and manufacture of electronic components to the petrochemical industry and refineries, as well as metal extrusion processes, among others.


Bars & Tubes

ITECO S.A. offers chrome bars and steel tubes for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and tires of high quality, as well as flexible pipelines made of stainless steel in different dimensions for the manufacture of hydraulic units.

Core Equipment

ITECO is equipped with advanced machinery, namely:

  • CNC Machinery,
  • Imoturn Lathe,
  • Universal Lathe Machine,
  • Pinacho Conventional Lathe,
  • Kondor Vertical Milling Machine,
  • Imodrill,
  • Servimaster diagnostic equipment for the measurement of the pressure, temperature, flow and rotational speed of hydraulic and pneumatic systems,
  • Particle Count Analysis.

ITECO has experience in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial instrumentation and specialises in the design, development and installation of systems in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, filtration, instrumentation and automation. The Company is capable of analysing the needs of clients in terms of the design and modification of products.

Main Projects / Clients

  • Ministry of National Defence - Sale of equipment, oil-hydraulic systems and pneumatic fluids, filtration, instrumentation and automation equipment. Design, manufacture and installation of oil-hydraulic systems, air filtration systems, instrumentation and automation. Maintenance and repair of oil-hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
  • Military Aviation School EMAVI - Sale of hydraulic equipment and parts.
  • Pacific Naval Force - Preventive and corrective maintenance services on the hydraulic system of the vessels of the Pacific Naval Force.
  • A.R.C Juanchaco - Hydraulic drives.


Iteco S.A.

  • Calle 20 # 1 30, Valle Del Cauca, Cali, Colombia
  • (+57) 2 489 3785
  • (+57) 2 889 93 99
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