2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle: All New Vehicles, All New Solutions

WARMINSTER, Pa., April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Havis, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile computing solutions for the public safety sector, has invested extensively in the development and redesign of mobile solutions for the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle.

Our updated, innovative suite of rugged products provides law-enforcement professionals with critical Dash to Trunk features to safely and comfortably focus on the road, case, or scene.

Police agencies and fleets have diverse requirements, and Havis offers a wide range of solutions to accommodate their needs.

"Havis is honored to provide high-quality and durable solutions that are made in the USA for one of America's top-rated law enforcement vehicles," said Joe Bernert, CEO of Havis. "We engineer rugged, customized solutions based on the requirements of police officers utilizing the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor."

Havis consoles are available in a variety of heights, lengths, and widths to accommodate different equipment and comfort expectations. A trio of mount styles--Dash Monitor, Flex Arm, and Pedestal--provide safe and secure mounting for laptops, tablets, and other mission-critical devices. Console equipment, such as brackets, printer mounts, armrests, and cup holders, complete the product suite.

Havis K9 and prisoner transport units, door panels, window guards, and cargo storage options were also included in the redesign initiative. The enhanced designs feature innovations to reduce rattle, improve durability, ease operations and increase versatility. All solutions are constructed to meet the safety and comfort needs of officers and their companions.

Several rear storage options are available, including upgraded cargo plates, electronics mounting trays, and a cargo protection barrier for mounting and protecting valuable items in the rear cargo area of the vehicle. Additionally, Havis has released a modular storage line, consisting of easily stackable drawers with various size and lock options, and vehicle-specific mounts for the 2020 Interceptor Utility, as well as other popular SUVs.

For more information and to see the complete suite of Havis products for the Ford 2020 Interceptor Utility, media@havis.com, or visit http://www.havis.com.

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