Ecolog International and Desolenator Entered Into a Strategic Partnership Agreement to Deliver a Game-changing Solution in Producing High Quality - Low Cost Water, Using the Power of the Sun

DUBAI, UAE, April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ECOLOG International, a leading global provider of integrated services, technology, environmental solutions, energy, logistics, engineering and construction and DESOLENATOR B.V., a Netherlands-based solar desalination technology company, signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to scale and deliver a game-changing solution that harnesses the world's two most abundant resources - sunshine and sea water - and purify even the toughest water types without the need for filters, chemicals or polluting fossil fuels.

As the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis demonstrates, access to reliable water underpins all aspects of life, from its use in medical services, to manufacturing and production of essentials to personal hygiene including simply washing our hands.

Water scarcity and stress affects nearly 40 percent of the world's population, an alarming figure that is projected to further rise as a result of climate change, urbanization and population growth. As the world deals with the collective impact of a pandemic like the COVID-19, the case for tackling the most pressing challenges of water and climate change is only strengthened.

As the need for desalination grows rapidly, no technology was previously available to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, optimize the operational cost and deliver a robust and reliable performance even for remote areas and various water conditions. By harnessing solar energy in a more effective way and with a patented design, our solution can convert sea water into high quality drinking water at scale, and at a cost of less than $ 1 per cubic meter.

The cooperation will bring together this game changing technology with the power of Ecolog to build water resilience for people, communities and industries and provide them with water security in even the most challenging scenarios.

Commenting on the agreement, Ali Vezvaei, Group CEO of Ecolog International said, "Reliable access to affordable and clean water underpins our ability to solve the challenges we, as mankind, will face. The partnership with Desolenator enhances our ability to serve communities, cities and industries and to enable them usher into an era of water resilience at scale."

William Janssen, Founder and CEO of Desolenator added, "At Desolenator we aim to disrupt the status quo for the nearly 1 billion people living today without reliable access to clean water. Joining forces with Ecolog will enable us to realize this vision much faster and at a global scale."

Alexei Levene, Co-Founder of Desolenator noted, "At a time of international crisis the case for sustainable technologies that benefit people and the planet has never been stronger. We are delighted to begin this journey together with Ecolog and to make a positive impact."


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