CarOffer Brings Powerful New Consumer Acquisition Tool to Market, Free and Ahead of Schedule

PLANO, Texas, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CarOffer, retail automotive's first automated instant wholesale vehicle trade platform, announced today it is bringing to market early a new consumer vehicle acquisition channel for its dealer partners - for free. Recognizing the challenges facing auto dealers during the pandemic crisis, CarOffer's new feature is focused on helping dealers reduce overhead, drive traffic and generate sales.

"The Consumer Buying solution is a product we planned on introducing later this year but given the unprecedented crisis COVID-19 has inflicted on our industry, we felt strongly that dealers need it now," says Bruce Thompson, CarOffer CEO and Founder. "We want to help dealers drive incremental sales right now during this difficult environment. We'll allow dealers to use the tool free of charge until we get this crisis behind us. Looking ahead, there will be uncertainty and volatility in auction lanes across the country as regions begin to lift restrictions. We are leveraging all of our solutions and capabilities to help dealers succeed and be prepared for the post-pandemic market."

The new Consumer Buying feature drives enhanced automation and efficiency to marketing and selling vehicles, bringing greater productivity to stores that may be closed or dealerships working with limited staff. It automates the delivery of co-branded invitations to eligible upgrade candidates in service drives as well as those in a dealer's database. Dealers may also use the functionality on their websites to allow consumers to get instant offers for their vehicles. Once a consumer accepts an offer, the dealer partner may keep the vehicle or wholesale it on the CarOffer trade platform.

Also included are world-class graphic design, marketing, data management and eligibility profiling with full DMS and CRM integrations. The Consumer Buying solution is available for free to dealers during the pandemic, after which time special performance-based pricing will be determined. CarOffer does not use a subscription-based model for any of its products, and the company will continue to roll out new features and applications ahead of schedule during this crisis.

In another effort to support dealers, CarOffer is prioritizing training and implementation for more than 900 dealers in its installation queue that want to use this time to get strategies set and ready now or for the post-crisis market. For more information on moving up in the queue or to schedule a demo please visit us here, or contact us at for more details.

About CarOffer
CarOffer is retail automotive's first instant trade platform for modern day retailing that helps dealers trade more, buy more and make more. The CarOffer platform leverages the power of national scale, data and technology to help dealers acquire and exchange used inventory more profitably. The power behind CarOffer is a marketplace with national participation competing for used vehicle inventory by providing "on the money" offers at the point of appraisal along with a future 45-day guaranteed buy offer. Developed by one of the recognized pioneers in inventory management software, Bruce Thompson, the CarOffer platform is a singular seamless solution that can replace numerous service providers commonly used by dealerships, delivering significant instant savings and efficiencies.

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