Aiperion Launches AI-powered Investment Risk Management Solution for Institutional Investors

CHICAGO, April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Aiperion LLC, a consulting, technology and scientific research firm specializing in investment risk management, officially launched its RiskKey® software solution. RiskKey® is the product of a long-standing collaborative relationship between Chicago-based alternative investment manager Core Capital Management and Fortech, an award-winning software development company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The two companies joined forces last year, leveraging their synergies, to form Aiperion.

The ground-breaking mathematical framework and intellectual property that form the foundation for RiskKey®, including sophisticated AI algorithms, are the product of nearly two decades of on-going research and development efforts led by Aiperion's founder, Dr. Sorina Zahan, a former university professor, researcher and author in the area of artificial intelligence. As Chief Investment Officer of Core Capital Management, Dr. Zahan's vision has always been to empower investors by transforming mathematical complexity in tools and concepts that speak directly to practitioners' intuitions.

"The benefits of the RiskKey® software may never be more evident and compelling than they are today. A major lesson from the current crisis is that investors can no longer afford to work with averages and must take step towards working with full probability distributions. RiskKey® achieves this while also eliminating the overwhelming number of dangerous assumption necessary in most risk models (estimated correlations, linearity, continuity, causality, normal distributions). It naturally avoids some of the most costly practices, such as reliance on time series data like trailing returns. As a result, RiskKey® is particularly well equipped to model portfolio behavior in the extreme conditions we face today. At the same time, its major purpose is long term: to give institutions a more realistic assessment of their chances to meet investment goals," stated Sorina Zahan, Founding Member and CEO of Aiperion.

The software can be used to analyze any portfolio in a single model, independent of the underlying mix of investment styles, providing a realistic way to objectively compare truly unique investment opportunities. It utilizes proprietary RiskPrint® technology to provide a visual representation of the results of mathematical processing behind the RiskKey® software's multi-dimensional risk analysis. Additionally, RiskKey® utilizes artificial intelligence, capable of detecting patterns that are indistinguishable to the human brain, to improve the precision of models and allow them to function well under opacity and with sparse data. In short, RiskKey® embodies a new risk management paradigm.

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