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Pro Optica S.A. is a private Romanian company, based on the former Romanian state owned optical system house, established in 1936. PRO OPTICA became a private company in 2001. The company started with activities and sales in research and development (projects, demonstrators) and optical components markets. Since 2001 the company developed gradually from products to systems and from systems to complete solutions (prime contractor).

The company has domestic and international customers and has been selling: more than 2000 Night Vision Devices for Infantry; driver, commander, gunner and protection solutions for more than 358 Armored Vehicles; 149 Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) systems.

Pro Optica holds 13 patents and registered trademarks and is ISO 9001: 2000 (by TUV of Germany)and NATO AQAP certified.


Individual Fighter - Pro Optica provides the following solutions for INDIVIDUAL FIGHTER: Observation – Passive Night Vision Monocular “WOLF”; Passive Night Vision Multirole system “WOLF”; 4x Passive Night Vision Weapon Sight “LNI – 1P”; 6x Passive Night Vision Weapon Sight “LNI – 2P”.

Armoured Vehicle - PRO OPTICA provides solutions for all the posts equipping an ARMOURED VEHICLE: Driver – Driver’s System with Display “CONDOR SR”; Commander – Commander System “SIOBLIN” (MR & LR); Gunner – Remotely Controlled Weapon Station “ANUBIS”; Warning and Countermeasures; Smoke Grenade launchers “SGL 76”; Smoke grenades “GFM 76”.

ISTAR - Intelligence, surveillance target acquisition & reconnaissance solutions: Border Surveillance Vehicle – Medium Range “ARTEMIS”; Border Surveillance Vehicle- Long Range “ARTEMIS”; Surveillance System for Boats “SIOBLIN BT”.

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  • 67 Gh. Petrascu St., RO 031593, District 3, Bucarest, Romania
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