Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Available During COVID-19 Crisis

PHOENIX, April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The thousands of people across Arizona in need of fingerprinting for employment and licensing including Arizona Department of Public Safety's Fingerprint Clearance Card, can utilize the services at Arizona Livescan. As local law enforcement agencies and municipalities have temporarily discontinued public fingerprinting, Arizona Livescan is open as they provide an essential service to Arizona residents.

"With our livescan capabilities, we are able to minimize the time it takes to do fingerprinting especially when a customer needs multiple cards," states Paula Wilson, CEO and Founder of the Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Network(TM). "Additionally, our ID scanners read the magnetic strip from a driver's license and then insert this personal information on the fingerprint card thereby minimizing the time it takes even further," she adds. The office practices social distancing among customers and utilizes CDC recommendations for sanitizing equipment and public spaces. Fingerprinting locations are updated daily and applicants can also request on-site services to their place of work or residence.

About Arizona Livescan:
Arizona Livescan, founded in 2011, is the state's largest fingerprinting network partnering with other locally owned businesses statewide to offer fingerprinting, notary, and ID photos. We serve customers seeking employment, licensing, and admittance into an educational program, as well as adoption and gun permits. For more information on Arizona Livescan, please visit or call 602-246-3444.

SOURCE Arizona Livescan