Startup opens private AI system to help emergency professionals and local communities solve COVID-19 problems

AUSTIN, Texas, April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- dMASS, an early-stage company based in Austin, Texas, has developed a patented technology for identifying and curating thousands of innovations being developed by startups and large companies, engineers, and scientists around the world.

The technology was designed to automate the way that businesses identify emerging technologies, adapt to changing conditions, and build a more sustainable economy. Now, the company has decided to open its AI platform to help with the immediate crisis of COVID-19.

According to Kathryn Lewis, dMASS CEO, "As the COVID-19 pandemic has grown, we sought to use our capabilities in the fight against the virus and its devastating impacts. We have spent years tracking innovations that have the potential to build a more sustainable future. The COVID-19 pandemic, like sustainability is a global challenge. So, we decided to open our platform to help."

The data system includes cutting-edge research, technology innovations, and creative business models that companies use to improve operational performance. In response to the crisis, the company has focused on curating innovations that can make a difference on the front-lines of the pandemic.

The company recently released a free version of the platform to connect emergency managers with the lifesaving innovations that address critical problems. Topics range from decentralized healthcare and last mile deliveries to medical device and PPE shortages. From companies making portable emergency rooms, to drones for delivering materials, or 3D printers replenishing critical supplies, the searchable data system is putting real-world solutions at the fingertips of public interest organizations.

"As the database grows, we expect the innovations collected during this crisis to be useful in future emergencies as well", according to Lewis.

Emergency professionals can gain full access to the Innovation Engine's features and data by contacting dMASS at

About dMASS
dMASS is a social venture based in Austin, Texas. The company has developed a patented technology to find, curate, and track thousands of innovations being developed by startups and large companies, engineers and scientists around the world.

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