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TEXTILES FABRICATO TEJICONDOR S.A., is a Colombian company situated in Medellin and specializing in the manufacture and commercialization of textiles.


TEXTILES FABRICATO TEJICONDOR S.A. manufactures textiles that fully meet consumers’ expectations under international quality standards. The Company is constantly improving its technological processes guaranteeing the highest product quality.


The Company aims to be a leader in the textile sector and be positioned as a world class Company standing out for its advanced technological processes and experienced professionals.


TEXTILES FABRICATO TEJICONDOR S.A. produces and commercialises yarns and fabrics according to customers’ requests always in accordance with international quality management systems.


To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


  • To decrease the percentage of off-grade fabrics.
  • To decrease the delays of customer orders.
  • To decrease the percentage of product returns.


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Contact info #1

Luis Fernando Sierra Yepes
+57 4 448 3500
Sales Manager
+57 4 454 3430
Carrera 50 No 38 - 320, Bello, Antioquia, Colombia

Indigo Fabric - Kansas

100% cotton, mixed with elastomer (stretch and comfort), or with synthetic fibers, such as polyester.

Weave Types: taffeta and diagonal in rigid and stretch fabrics.

Cotton & Mixed Fabrics

Rigid Bases of 6.0 to 13.0 ounces:

100% cotton: Carded and combed.
Mixes: polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, and cotton/linen.
Pre-dyed: In 100% cotton (combed & carded) or in polyester/cotton and cotton/elastomer mixes.

• Weave types:  diagonal, taffeta, piqué, satin, canvas, broken twill, herringbone and dobby.
• Finishing: raw, fit-for-dyeing, dyed and printed with special finishing.
Rigid Bases of 2.0 to 5.8 ounces:

100% cotton: carded and combed.
Mixes: Polyester/cotton and nylon/cotton.
Pre-dyed: In 100% cotton (combed and carded) or in polyester/cotton mixes.
Sportswear: In 100% nylon, cotton/nylon, 100% polyester, polyester/cotton.

 Weave types: taffeta, diagonal and dobby.
• Finishing: raw, fit-for-dyeing, dyed, printed.

Elastomer Bases:

• Cotton/elastomer mixes (stretch and comfort).
• Pre-dyed: In cotton/elastomer mix.

Basic Line:

Fabrics for pockets, handkerchiefs, wipes, etc. made of 100% cotton.
Finishing: Dyed, printed, raw and fit-for-dyeing.

Knitted Fabrics

In 100% cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/viscose, nylon/cotton, cotton/elastomer, nylon/elastomer, 100% viscose, polyester/viscose, and cotton/linen.

Weaves: jersey, interlock, fleece, piqué, mini-jacquard, rib, velveteen, and terry.

  • Complements: collars and cuffs.
  • Finishing: fit-for-dyeing, dyed, pre-dyed, and printed.


Clothing Line: 100% wool, super 130s, 100s and 80s; wool/bamboo, wool/silk, wool/cashmere, polyester/wool, and 100% polyester.

Automotive Line: Bases for automotive upholstery and cushions made of 100% polyester.

Non Woven Fabrics

Linings: Woven and non-woven fusible and non-fusible fabric with resins (polyamide and polyethylene).

Uses: For industrial use, i.e. seepage, footwear, leatherwork, hygiene and protection products and tailoring.

Military Fabrics

In 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, nylon/cotton, 100% nylon, 100% wool, and polyester/wool.

  • Weaves:  Rip-stop, diagonal (twill and drill), taffeta and satin.
  • Finishing: dyed, printed, with special finishing, namely water repellent and waterproof fabric.

Industrial Textiles

  • Candle Wicks: Regular and twisted, in 80% cotton and 20% polyester - for industrial use.
  • Threads: Regular and twisted threads, in 90% cotton and 10% polyester - for industrial and agricultural use.
  • Floor Cloths: Absorbent cloths in 80% cotton and 20% polyester - for industrial use.
  • Tows and Yarns: In 100% cotton and mixed with polyester - for industrial use.

Special Finishings

TEXTILES FABRICATO TEJICONDOR S.A.’s finishings can be applied to different textiles, woven or knitted, thus fulfilling the various needs of the consumer and covering several markets.

Antibacterial Finishing: It prevents the reproduction of bacteria transferred from the skin and the environment. This product is anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-odor.

Anti-fluids Finishing: Fabrics that receive physical-chemical processing have a low density oil-repellent surface made of synthetic fiber, such as cellulose, special cotton, polyester and mixes.

Hydrophilic-hydrophobic Finishing: This process is applied to fabrics to make them highly moisturized on the inside and highly water-repellent on the outside (hydrophilic-hydrophobic), providing protection against weather changes.

Anti-stain Finishing: Nature’s auto-cleaning effect on plants can be also applied to textiles by means of nano-technology and a process called “Nano Sphere”.

Such fabrics have the following characteristics:

  • Less washing needed,
  • High resistance to abrasion,
  • Properties remain even after numerous washing and cleaning cycles,
  • Environmentally friendly process.

Soft Finishing (Physical-friction): The fabric undergoes an abrasive physical process to get a super soft, fluffy feel. This process teases out the fibers of the threads avoiding the creation of lints after washing. As the process itself gives the fabric (garment) a very soft feel, it is not recommended for different laundry processes than those used at home. Besides, the process, by its nature, is more economic as heavy washing to get the desired feel is not necessary.

Tough cotton Finishing: Tough cotton finishing is used to increase the garment’s resistance to friction and reduce possible wrinkles.

Fire-resistant Finishing: Fire-resistant finishing is used in the automobile industry on natural and synthetic fibers where fire protection is needed. The fabric is highly demanded in the transportation sector and is processed always in compliance with international quality standards.

Color Finishing: In higher moisture conditions, quick drying of the garment is necessary. For this reason, this finishing is suitable for sports garments made of 100% cotton.

Aloe Vera Finishing: This finishing is applicable on wool and polyester-wool, giving the weave a very soft feeling. It is suitable for treating injuries and problems related to allergic reactions.

Anti-UV Finishing: This micro-emulsion process provides adequate protection against harmful sun rays. Can be applied on wool, polyester/wool, cotton and polyester/cotton and is suitable for baby garments, sports garments and garments where high exposure to UV rays is inevitable.

Finishing using Menthol: This finishing on wool and polyester/wool provides comfort and a fresh feel to the fabric.

Anti-Odor Finishing: This micro-emulsion process protects the fabric against microorganisms that cause bad smell. Can be applied on wool and polyester/wool and is suitable for fine garments and outerwear where frequent washing is not a choice.

Vitamin E Finishing: This finishing can provide the skin with Vitamin E which is known for acting as an antioxidant neutralizing free radicals that cause skin to age. Can be applied on wool and polyester/wool and on fine garments in direct contact with the skin.

Anti-mite Finishing: This finishing provides the fabric with a soft feel and protects against the presence of mites preventing garment damage and skin allergies. It is suitable for bed sheets and fabrics, such as wool, cotton and polyester/cotton.

Thermal Finishing: This micro-emulsion adheres to the fabric, offering a soft and fresh feel under different weather conditions.

Textiles Fabricato Tejicondor S.A.

  • Carrera 50 No 38 320, Antioquia, Bello, Colombia
  • +57 4 448 3500
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