Ellie Mae Announces Launch Of Velocify LeadManager Essentials

PLEASANTON, Calif., April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ellie Mae(®), the leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider for the mortgage industry, today announced the launch of Velocify LeadManager Essentials(TM), part of Ellie Mae's Consumer Engagement solution. The new capability is designed to help lenders leverage intelligent automation to ensure consistent virtual follow-up and communication between originators and borrowers, enabling the ability to improve the borrower experience, close more loans, and build long-lasting relationships while enhancing visibility, compliance and productivity.

LeadManager Essentials provides automated engagement and multi-channel communication which delivers messages to borrowers via text and email on behalf of an originator, enhancing the borrower's experience and increasing conversions and pull through rates for the lender. Whether it's following up on a lead or an abandoned application or following up on missing documents and milestone marketing, the consistent communications helps to solidify new and long-lasting relationships. There is no additional requirement of the originator to log in or learn new software as the automated communications are pre-set by the lender. Communications are automatically routed to the originator's existing email inbox, offering a faster, more personal response. The service also offers automated workflow leveraging a lender's existing Encompass® configurations.

"As retail mortgage companies are communicating entirely with borrowers online versus in person, they risk losing out on significant potential revenue due to slow or inconsistent follow-up," said Joe Tyrrell, chief operating officer, Ellie Mae. "With LeadManager Essentials, lenders can confidently build and grow relationships to drive new business and respond to the growing volume of refinance interest by automating key communications between their originators and their borrowers. This service ensures communication occurs at the point of engagement while providing trackable data to offer insights into business performance."

Lenders can ensure complete compliance as LeadManager Essentials offers email and text message templates that can be controlled at the corporate level and are completely trackable to establish comprehensive communication reporting. Lenders can gain high-level insights into originator follow-up communications, to guide data-driven business decisions going forward.

For more information about Velocify LeadManager Essentials, visit: https://explore.elliemae.com/velocify-leadmanager-essentials

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