Splice Machine Launches Industrials Division and Middle East Operations

SAN FRANCISCO, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Splice Machine, the leading scale-out SQL database with native machine learning, has today announced that it has launched a new Industrials division, including establishing a Middle East presence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The new regional office will focus on providing predictive maintenance for outage avoidance for the oil & gas, renewable energy, communications and petrochemical industries.

Splice Machine will leverage its unique converged database platform to address some of these industries toughest challenges including predicting equipment failures, eliminating avoidable downtime, and reducing corrosion. Splice Machine will also focus its efforts on reducing the pain experienced by network-intensive industries including utilities and telecom to optimize load, yield, resource efficiency, and asset reliability.

"Asset-heavy industries like oil and gas, utilities, and telecom have traditionally relied on calendar-based maintenance to keep operations running, but there are several downsides to this preventive maintenance approach," said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. "These industries can greatly benefit from using real-time predictive analytics with midstream control system data to avoid outages and optimize the availability of spare parts. Our solution combines three elements of computation that are typically separate - operational, analytical, and AI - to make that optimization happen."

Global leaders in financial services, healthcare, consumer products, and supply chain have partnered with Splice Machine to digitally transform their organizations and modernize their legacy and custom-built applications. Now, with its new Industrials division, Splice Machine will be able to better serve oil and gas, telco and energy clients globally.

For more information about Splice Machine, visit https://splicemachine.com/.

About Splice Machine

Splice Machine is the only scale-out SQL database with native machine learning. Splice Machine slashes software, infrastructure and people costs by combining operational workloads (OLTP), analytical workloads (OLAP), and machine learning (MLOps) into one seamless Kubernetes-powered architecture. Enterprises build new intelligent applications on the Splice Machine RDBMS, extend existing applications with AI, and modernize their applications in the cloud with virtually no rewrites. Companies can offload data from more expensive RDBMS systems easily and get the most efficient path to operational AI. Splice Machine is available as a fully-managed cloud service on AWS, Azure, and GCP and is also available on-premise.

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