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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering

Golden Grass, is the only farm in the Kingdom to produce peanuts with different varieties ranging from Virginia, Runner and Valencia. The peanut produce is exported to countries such as Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United Kingdom, Holland, South Africa and U.S.A. The work in the factory is being carried out with the most advance machinery found in the world. It has successfully cultivated a rotation of crops such wheat, barley, peanuts, etc.

Despite the ever increasing business competition in all fields Kingdom wide, Golden Grass Inc. Construction and Maintenance division has managed to stay afloat and maintained its successful operation and services.

This division employs over a 500 skilled who are trained to work to highest standard and have successfully executed various prestigious projects in the Kingdom ranging from HOSPITALS, RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL Buildings and Pipelines. With their concentration diverted mainly to service, as well as possibly within the business demands of short term contracts that are available. This is mainly due to the completion of infrastructure of the Kingdom.

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Golden Grass, Inc.

  • P.O. Box 21570, 11485, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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