Restorative Therapies Announces Continued Support To Healthcare Workers And Patients With Products And Services Across Full Continuum Of Care

BALTIMORE, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Restorative Therapies, Inc., announces continued support for healthcare workers and patients by providing products and services across the full continuum of care, from critical care to inpatient and outpatient therapy to in-home care.

Working with thousands of clinics, clinicians and patients over the last 15 years, our products and services provide therapeutic benefit for ongoing rehabilitation and overall health for those with neurological impairment. Our therapeutic intervention has been shown to reduce secondary health conditions, as well as improve motor function, gait and more.

Continuous care from clinic to home with our therapy systems has always been important to maintain health benefits, even more so now with rehabilitation clinics being closed and most of the global population mandated to stay-at-home. Access to our in-home systems are critical for patients to continue rehabilitation and prevent gaps in therapy that could cause regression or lead to secondary health complications.

"Our mission is to help people with neurological impairment and critical illness achieve their full recovery potential. We are proud to offer the most advanced iFES technology for patients while standing behind our commitment of providing support services for the full continuum of care," said Jim Janicki, President and CEO of Restorative Therapies. "With a relentless focus on patient needs, we are proud to be a true partner and advocate for clinicians, patients and other healthcare providers."

At Restorative Therapies, we don't just ship you a device in a box and tell you to press start. We're a hand to show you how to use it. A coach to guide your progress. We are you're advocate for life. We have added additional remote services to ensure that we are able to fully support patients and healthcare workers.

While balancing global business challenges, there are some business changes that could not be paused. Therefore, as a part of a long-term plan to implement new branding across the company and our products, Restorative Therapies is announcing the transition of our flagship RT300 product line to a new modern gray color scheme beginning this month.


As the standard of care in rehabilitation therapy for many neurological conditions, our iFES products stimulate and recondition muscles to reduce weakness and improve functionality.

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