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Exakt Fijnmechanika offers its services in manufacturing high-tech parts.

Exakt manufactures precision mechanical parts to specification with extremely high precision. In our 100% Dutch company, situated in the North of the Netherlands We manufacture medium large to very large series. With dimensions ranging from 0,1 mm to 50 mm, and accuracies starting from 1 µ, we manufacture very precise and consistent. 

Our machine park mainly consists of Swiss-type CNC precision lathes. This technique, developed in Switzerland, allows extremely small parts to be turned with highest accuracies. All machines are multi-axis up to 8 axes, and equipped with driven tools for complex operations and shapes. A precision wire EDM machine is available to produce parts with a roughness below 0,2 Ra using a wire diameter of 0,07 mm. A separate finishing department is in place containing drum machines for dry and wet polishing for very precise finishing, as well as setups for cleaning and packaging.

NIST traceable measurement
In our ultramodern measuring room with a NIST traceable measuring setup from Hexagon, and multiple stereo microscopes, we can measure and check all products optically, tactile and visually in such a way that errors can be excluded. By means of our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and supported by statistical measurement data, agreed dimensions are guaranteed. 

Quality control
We guarantee highest quality standards. With experienced people coming from medical and defense industries, we well understand the need for traceability and consistency. To meet product requirements, our quality staff is adequately manned and equipped for up to 100% inspection of produced parts. We are able to adopt customers quality regulations into our daily process. To support the industry needs more adequate, we are in the process of certification according to AS9100d.

Transparent partnership
We offer our knowledge to improve cost effectiveness on production and pricing. Whether custom (threaded) fasteners or complex night-vision components made of standard stainless steel or titanium alloys, EXAKT is your partner in case even precise is not accurate enough.



Measurement & Control

All products we make are checked in our measuring room. Usually this check takes place on 100% of the products. Depending on the need and production step, this can also be done randomly. Checks take place both visually under a Stereo microscope and physically using a measuring set-up. Our measuring room is equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-sensor measuring set-up by Hexagon, which can measure tactile and optical by means of multiple techniques. All measured data is stored per product, per batch, and per production machine. a very large statistical source of information, which works with a high degree of accuracy.

Moving headstock turning

Moving headstock turning is a technique developed in Switzerland for fine mechanics, with which products with the smallest diameters can be turned as accurately as possible and in large numbers. With this technique, the chisel does not move, but the material itself moves through the spindle. The advantage of this method is that the chisel always cuts as close to the spindle as possible. As a result, the material bends least under the chisel pressure. Within Exakt we use the long lathes Tornos Nano and Micro. These machines are characterized by their extremely high accuracy and tool life. The longer they run in succession, the flatter the tolerances.

Fixed headstock turning

For Fixed headstock turning, we have 4- and 6-axis TNE and TNC Lathes from Benzinger at our disposal. They are characterized by their high accuracy in large numbers of short workpieces. In addition to the tireless turning of rings with a thickness below 1mm, with powered tools they can provide products with slots, holes, threads, or other add-ons They can be characterized as workhorses with velvet gloves.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM, or “Electro Discharge Machining”,  is a method of machining where the material is not subjected to mechanical stress. The part to be machined is placed in a liquid dielectric in the machine. The workpiece takes the role of an electrode, and the dielectric also contains a very precisely tensioned wire that forms the other electrode. An electric current is carried between the electrodes. The short circuit creates sparks on the surfaces of the electrodes, which are immediately dissipated as microscopic chips by the dielectric. Our Agie Charmilles CUT 200SP wire EDM machine is characterized by a backlash-free wire guide and extremely high surface accuracy on the cutting edges.

Finishing treatment

After processing, but also between different operations, workpieces must be aftertreated. Exakt has a special department for this with various finishing arrangements. In addition to different baths, ultrasonic and vapor methods, there are special drum arrangements. There is a drying drum installation with different drums, in which the products are tumbled for deburring and polishing. Using a whirlpool with grinding stones and water, two special drums can grind and degrease the workpieces very accurately.

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