"Languages Through Song" App Licenses from Top Music Company, Concord

AUSTIN, Texas, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Univoice Corporation, the developer of the first language-learning platform that teaches languages exclusively through music, today announced a dramatic increase in song content, positioning it to grow by roughly 1,000 tracks by the end of the year.

Univoice has achieved this rapid expansion through a series of new licensing agreements with leading publishers and labels including Concord Music Group, featuring popular tracks by Isaac Hayes, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Switchfoot, and more. Many of these deals were sourced at MIDEM, the industry-leading music business conference in Cannes, France, where the team was able to secure these agreements amongst several other multi-track deals that are still in the works.

The growing database of songs provides language learners a fantastic assortment of singers and genres that are both entertaining and educational. "Our users are looking for music that is fun to sing along to, as well as learn from. The indie and mainstream markets are both fantastic sources for this type of content, and we are thrilled to be working with leaders in this space," said Sami Halabi, CEO of Univoice Corporation. "These major publishers and labels give us an immediate boost to total content as well as provide an opportunity to showcase a diverse array of music: from world renowned, award winning artists to rising stars."

"The world of digital content is moving at an electric rate and we are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of finding creative, new ways to maximize our artists' success. The Univoice app is truly unique, in that it provides artists global exposure, while also doing something that is inherently great for the world - bringing people together through song," said Nick D'Angiolillo, VP of Non-Traditional Licensing at Concord.

In addition to building out a robust library of popular songs, the Univoice team is also working on several other projects over the coming months. With English, Spanish, French, and German languages currently supported, look out for the addition of Italian, Mandarin, and Korean, amongst other highly-demanded languages. Development of a teacher's edition is on the horizon, that will enable educators to change the language-learning game with a "learn through play" solution that is in equal parts engaging & educational, while monitoring students' progress and milestone achievements.

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About Univoice:
Univoice is taking the world by song! We are a language learning software company that has built an exciting new platform for learning languages through music. Its cutting-edge app is as addicting and engaging as it is educational. It prioritizes relevant vocabulary, proper language and slang, and long-term retention, tying these elements together through gamification.

About Concord:
Concord is the independent, worldwide leader in the development, management and acquisition of sound recordings, music publishing and theatrical performance rights. Concord has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, London, Berlin and Miami.

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Sami Halabi

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