#AgenciesUnited - A New Community To Help Advertising Agency Owners

BAYVILLE, N.J., April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- As the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the country, businesses everywhere have been deeply affected. Advertising and marketing agencies, in particular, have suffered from decreased ad spends, lost clients, and panicking consumers. The shift to the new norm has been tough for many agencies to deal with.

Agency owners from around the country are expressing tremendous concern. After hearing several agency owners and executives express an interest and a desire to talk with people who understand what they're going through, #AgenciesUnited was created.

Tim C. Burke, a founding member of #AgenciesUnited, said, "We have spoken with numerous Agencies throughout the country; competitors and partners alike, and they're all asking the same tough questions. We created an Agency Leadership Support Network, #AgenciesUnited, to help agency leaders navigate these challenging times."

#AgenciesUnited is designed to truly serve and help Agency Leadership by providing an exclusive and free network for like-minded agency owners and executives to discuss and address the current industry challenges as well as the opportunities we face. Agency leadership will have access to a hub of resources and shared content, ideas and referrals submitted by AU members to assist in business strategy, community engagement, client relations or agency operation. Agency Leaders eager to join the conversation are encouraged to request to join the exclusive #AgenciesUnited group on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the #AgenciesUnited website at http://www.agencies-united.com.

SOURCE #AgenciesUnited