MobileIron and Adeya Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Secure Enterprise Communications and Collaboration

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, April 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MobileIron (NASDAQ: MOBL), the company that introduced the industry's first mobile-centric, zero trust enterprise security platform, today announced a new partnership with Adeya, the secure collaboration leader, to empower today's global workforce with private, end-to-end encrypted real-time voice and video calls, conference calls, SMS, instant messages, group chats and file exchanges on any device.

The two companies have joined forces, combining their products to offer organizations the ability to add secure collaboration interactions within teams on top of device security. This partnership responds to the growing market demand for compliant, encrypted and secure mobile solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

In recent months, many remote workers have turned to consumer collaboration apps to enable teamwork and business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this has exposed security flaws of consumer apps related to backend data sharing with third parties. Companies have come to quickly realize that many 'frictionless and free' consumer apps do not offer an adequate level of security and may share usage data with third parties, which creates data privacy risks. The potential leakage of a company's messages, videos, and critically confidential information onto public forums can open myriad legal, financial and reputational risks.

Leveraging the combined solution, customers can now rapidly manage and deploy Adeya's end-to-end encrypted communication, collaboration and file-sharing solution through MobileIron's unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. IT administrators can meet advanced compliance requirements by securely containing the Adeya app on any device with MobileIron and add a layer of additional protection with MobileIron's Tunnel per-app VPN, while end-users can seamlessly access the app to collaborate and connect with teammates.

"We're excited to partner with Adeya to help organizations secure their mobile collaboration with a military-grade solution designed for the enterprise," said Ahmed Shah, Vice President of Business Development at MobileIron. "With our joint solution, employees can collaborate in real-time, sharing files on any device, while promoting compliance and securing corporate data. The best part is there's no training or learning curve to slow users down; this is especially important since remote workers have so many other things to juggle as they adapt to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic."

"Remote work has become ubiquitous in the Coronavirus era, and our strategic partnership allows organizations to quickly and easily respond to the growing cyber threats to their digital workplaces, during this extraordinary time," said Samir Khosla, Chairman at Adeya. "What is unique about Adeya is that we believe in data sovereignty, and some describe our world view as 'anti-big data' - unlike other companies, we do not retain and monetize customer data. While our users experience an intuitive consumer-style app, behind the scenes our engine is built on robust military-grade security and privacy technology. The brilliance of our partnership lies in the ease of deployment through the MobileIron UEM."

As an added benefit, MobileIron and Adeya are offering a free trial till the 15(th) of June, to quickly enable remote enterprise workers, with an unlimited number of new users and devices. Click here to learn more or register for a series of upcoming webinars.

About MobileIron

MobileIron is redefining enterprise security with the industry's first mobile-centric, zero trust platform built on the foundation of unified endpoint management (UEM) to secure access and protect data across the perimeter-less enterprise. Zero trust assumes that bad actors are already in the network and secure access is determined by a "never trust, always verify" approach. MobileIron goes beyond identity management and gateway approaches by utilizing a more comprehensive set of attributes before granting access. A mobile-centric, zero trust approach validates the device, establishes user context, checks app authorization, verifies the network, and detects and remediates threats before granting secure access to a device or user.

The MobileIron security platform is built on the foundation of award-winning and industry-leading unified endpoint management (UEM) capabilities with additional zero trust-enabling technologies, including zero sign-on (ZSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and mobile threat defense (MTD). Over 19,000 customers, including the world's largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies and other highly regulated companies, have chosen MobileIron to enable a seamless and secure user experience by ensuring only authorized users, devices, apps, and services can access business resources.

About Adeya

Adeya is a privately-owned cybersecurity technology company, providing enterprises with a military-grade secure communications and collaboration platform. As a Swiss company conducting its R&D and product development at its headquarters, the company benefits from Swiss neutrality which ensures the highest level of privacy and no third-party data sharing.

Adeya remains the most trusted and private alternative to public, consumer-grade applications that are insecure and unsuitable for the workplace. Adeya's solutions safeguard against third-party infiltration, cyber espionage, data leakages, and regulatory breaches. After a decade of serving international government and defense clients, the company is now bringing its technology to enterprises, where the nature of cyber attacks is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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