AUKEY Releases Ultra-Compact 100W USB-C Charger

SHENZHEN, China, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AUKEY®, a leading innovator in power and charging tech, is continually striving to bring users smaller, lighter, and more powerful chargers. Back in January at CES 2020, AUKEY announced its brand-new Omnia charger series, and now the most powerful charger in that series is ready to launch. Omnia 100W generated a lot of interest at CES due to being just 32mm thick, and is set to deliver a game-changing combination of power and portability.

Omnia 100W comes integrated with AUKEY's latest OmniaChip, which makes use of state-of-art gallium nitride (GaN) circuitry to produce a charger that is significantly smaller and more efficient than traditional silicon-based chargers of the same power. GaN also has superior thermal characteristics to silicon which allows the charger to operate at a lower temperature.

Omnia 100W is ideal for charging the latest 16" MacBook Pro, and is only half the size of Apple's 96W charger despite offering even more power. Such a powerful charger is also easily able to fast-charge any USB Power Delivery device at the maximum speed it supports, including Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, and a range of smartphones including all the latest iPhones.

Being 50% the size of comparable chargers offers impressive portability, and this characteristic is heightened by the inclusion of foldable prongs. This means the charger takes up even less space in your laptop bag and won't scratch your devices.

Having a 100W laptop charger that is just as compact and portable as a regular phone charger is a real game-changer, and means you really can pack a single charger for all your charging needs, from the most power-hungry MacBook Pro to an iPhone 11.

Omnia 100W is available for pre-order now. There's also the ultra-compact dual-port Omnia Duo 65W, which makes use of the same OmniaChip technology.


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